Manifesting Maryjane With the Magical SMOKE.IO Community

last year

Mother Mary! @writer43 and I manifested a jar of sweet maryjane into my reality yesterday. And then I stumbled into @prettynicevideo and had an amazing chat. Here's why you should start believing in the power of intention and an outlook on what can do for you. The universe says yes to So should you!

Yesterday, @writer43 published this delicious piece of nugporn and said that a friend of him had just brought it over. What a nice surprise. I read his post, almost got jealous, but rather chose to stay positive and the following conversation started:


I forgot about it which is exactly how you manifest. Set an intention, send it out into the universe – the more people assist you, the better – and then: Let it go. 6 hours later, I received a short message by a friend. It said: "Take a look at your jars in front of your house. I put something there that adapts perfectly to the environment …" And what did I find? Did I say that I could use a friend like that? Actually, I've got a friend like that! \°/

The Next Miracle Is Just Around The Corner

I had my favorite joint, which is the last of the day and went to sleep. This morning I was waiting for a friend. I was going to assist her with her bees. She wouldn't show up. While I was waiting, I checked out the canna-curate-discord server where I found a few people talking. One of which: @prettynicevideo. She started talking about my moon magic, I called myself a lunatic, she called herself the same, a cozy chat evolved. She pulled a card from her tarot deck for me and we talked about our lives and perspectives. We started talking about numerology and lucky numbers. And she told me that earlier today, she had seen this number that would always warn her about something. Ask @prettynicevideo, if you need to know the intriguing story behind this number. She told me that whenever she sees this number it tells her, that she should stop doing what she's doing and do something else instead. Simply to rest mostly. And today, she was uploading a video when she saw that number an decided to go to check the discord server instead. Where we met and had this wonderful talk. "@mayb the universe wanted us to talk." She assumed and I said:
"And @mayb that's the reason why my friend won't come. She's not even sending a message."


The second I said it I received a message from the friend I was waiting for. "Sorry. I overslept. The weather is a mess anyway … Let's do it tomorrow."

@mayb we should do a stream together, @prettynicevideo and me. It definitely came up … is not an accident, fellow smoker. You're here for a reason. The universe loves you! What shall we manifest for you in the comments?

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#life #magic #moonmagic

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Lol so cool how things happen, great story...and even better conclusion dear!...

I guess it all goes back to our 'frequency' conversation...and we all know how potent can be the frequencies sent out by a person without weed ;)

The whole universe is at your service at that point, you just need to be open to ask :)

Good job, enjoy the jar...and I am sending you some blessings as well, may a hand full of weed be thrust upon you... 🙌😇😋

Keep manifesting awesome things to your self and others!! Peace


Yay! More! More! More!
Right, we had this little chat about frequencies before it all happened. I forgot! The network is in the flow.

I am happy to see you're a fellow gifer! Awesome! Gif it to me, baby!


420 frequencies are always at work! is just a menifastation of something that was always there - we stoners are connected, and transmit trough any obsticle ;)

"You may say I'm a stoner, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will SMOKE as one."

heh yeah fellow gifer i am! Giffing is my passion ;))

Great post, thanks for the mention:) I firmly believe that what comes around goes around. The Cannabis Gods LOL


Are you kidding me? Thanks for the mention? Thanks for the intention! Although it rhymes one is better than the other!


Rock On!

Wow!! awesome indeed.. you are never alone, the gods are with you 😁😁


You have an interesting day

Universe is sweet! Dude! Sweet! Dude! Sweet!