last year

We all know they ain't much people on the smoke platform and it seems like we know everyone on the network already.

I have tried different ways to promote the smoke platform, collective efforts with the atlas team or through me reaching to some youtu.be cannabis vloggers and marijuana influencers on Instagram.

Well, no doubt smoke is coming up with its united community and boom a plan crept upon me.

Since Twitter has had so many changes with its api, it's very difficult using some of this websites that offers thunderclapping to create awareness, and we all know thunder clapping makes the news/word go round, with that said!!!!! to the plan.

The plan

why don't we set aside a date on every month by the smoke community,
I can coordinate it though or we could collectively

where we get to post a particular message on the inter web at same time | same minutes | same second on every social media we are on and booooom we do be conveying a message across the interweb with community efforts, all over the world.

It could be done once or twice on the selected date and we could thunderclap smoke all at once by it community to reach massive amounts of the platform users.

The first ever thunder clapping

We could set aside a date and mark this a very important date to massively promote smoke , "Crowdly" done by its community.

For example - lets say 5th and 6th of every month is our smoke thunder clapping day,its a beautiful event.

And everyone is supposed to tweet/share/post a particular message all at once and it will be done manually but same time by all of us.

On smoke discord server - we could create a thunder clapping channel and on every date of this event, everyone gets prepared - ready to post our main topics or message all at once and if a GO GO GO GO GO is texted or voiced out, every one on the internet hits the post button.


We could use this message to start the first ever thunder clapping 👇 👇

"Dear #cannabis users, We #cansmoke on #Dpos and get rewarded with #cryptocurrency"

Now the only issue is that, i would love to read and hear each of our opinions, what we can add and remove and your thoughts concerning this, how many people are with me. let's set a universal time for this event.

And get a thunderclapping date /time and event on the smoke platform.

Are you with me?

Meanwhile, there is a smoke Twitter campaign ongoing, orchestrated and organized by @project-atlas The atlas team

We @project-atlas are running a witness server and we need your support. Kindly consider giving us your witness vote by clicking on this link https://smoke.io/~witnesses and using your private key to lock in your votes.


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Destiny Marshall marshalllife a crypto enthusiast | bullish, finding ways to add value. A crypto musician and finding ways to leverage it through blockchain.
I am part of the atlas team
And always at your service.



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I’m in. Just need to know in advance when (and what timezone) so can schedule that Tweet accordingly.

Not sure many cannabis users know what DPOS is though, so I would consider coming up with a slightly “less technical” tweet.

We have plenty of promo images, could be awesome if all pick different ones, or the one they like most. Would be a fun “potpourri”.


yeah, thanks for understanding, for sure we need to set each timezones to set with each other's and have one particular message to share, we can start little by little snd grow in to a large group.

This is a good idea mate but, the words example is not too good if i may say;

Dear #cannabis users, We #cansmoke on #Dpos and get rewarded with #cryptocurrency"

The #cansmoke, have caused enough problems for this platform already, everyone keep thinking the platform is only for smokers and that's pathetic. How about we start using something like, "Dear #cannabis users, We learn and teach about the goodness of marijuana on #Dpos and get rewarded with #cryptocurrency". It could be something else but I am posting this an example.


I agree with you about that example you used about the message we could share but #can smoke isn't a bad statement, saying it makes people think it's only for smoker alone is also pathetic cause SMOKE.IO already depicts what the platform...... smoke get paid and repeat, what do you think it means?
on smoke.io the word smoke already means two things

smoke(read smoking)
and writing about anything smoke related.


but truth be told too, we could actually change the message and if you read above i used that as an example and not actually we tend to use. that's why i asked for opinions.


I am not pushing away your efforts about the project, I am only suggesting. Check out my latest post. Conversation about this case is going on there now. 😉

Idk about thunderclaps, it feels like more of a promotion of the thunderclap platform, in my experience its not been that effective in the past 🤷‍♂️


No. not at all promoting The thunder clap website, i made a statement that.

Since Twitter has had so many changes with its api, it's very difficult using some of this websites that offers thunderclapping to create awareness,

There is no website that offers such things again and no more automatic clapping thunderclap.it refers you to their YouTube meaning the website is dead down.

Thunderclapping is a good way to convey a particular message from same web of friends.

its a great way mate to really create awareness and expose a particular platform or message.

if about 50+ users of smoke can agree about the monthly Thunder clapping, we could turn this to a monthly even by community and by so creating awareness by all users using trusted network.

we got to plan it and do it for 3.months and see if it yields more results.

the thunder clapping won't be done on any special website, just group of smoke users posting same thing all at once. one every month.