Here is an Example of Cross-promoting, Instead of Cross-posting: Taphophilia's Steemit Blog

5 months ago

Mournful salute and reverence,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.



After reading an interesting post by @tecnosgirl
(sorry, at first I thought it was @jessica)
on the difference between cross-posting
and cross-promoting, I decided I would
show you what I am doing on other platforms,
To Help Promote Our Beloved!

Here is the latest post I produced today:

Click the banner above to see how I cross-promote in an entirely different post!


Thanks for reading, upsmoking & resmoking!

Smoke Banner.jpg

See YOU all REAL SOON!!!


Love is the Law, love under will,
The Reverend Maelstrohm Black

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#cannabis #MaelstrohmBlack #Taphophilia #steemit

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The cross promotion is awesome. Hopefully people whom never heard of Smoke are curious enough to follow on over.

If we could drive up legitimate new user joins, obviously that would greatly increase Smokes potential.


Indeed, I agree wholeheartedly!
I am quite spread out on several
VERY underground platforms,
I just created THIS today, for example:
now I own a part of the platform
and the word #marijuana, so we can
help shape the space dedicated to weed,
at it takes form initially...


I also think doing like me and others do,
i.e. adding huge clickable banners that lead HERE,
from wherever it is we #crosspromote,
will be quite a good incentive,
as people are often impulsive and will leave,
if not captivated quickly, but will also click
any reasonable clickbait, as long as
it delivers the goods, not just being used as
a hook to reel you in, after you fell for
shallow empty contentless exteriors
of glitter and shimmering nothingness
(as if such a thing could exist lol)... ;)

Love it thanks for helping to show examples of this.


Thank YOU for inspiring my effort,
I must admit that in the past,
for a while, even though I wrote about weed,
I still cross posted copy pasted my own work
on whaleshares and steemit...

But then I spontaneously decided a few weeks back,
that I would now produce #smokeioexclusive content...

Oh and since I replied to the previous comment from @relaylogix,
I also thought that it would be a good idea
to own the word #cannabis as well...
I have a feeling you will like what I did
with both #marijuana and #cannabis blogs...

Nothing in them yet, as I want to delegate
some tasks if possible and first need to
establish some kind of plan or structure,
not just post things randomly...

People need continuity, especially on more,
shall we say, linear platforms...
Well, we shall give it to them
and in the process, attract them on here
and REMAIN active afterwards, that IS what matters,
not just curious onlookers or idiot trolls seeking
negative attention, REAL people interested in knowing
more about the plant they have been lied about all their lives...

Thought food: is the “brain police” self-proclaimed or is it actually a label handed out by “freethinkers”, who may or may not be limited in their freedom because they seem subject to such labels.

The truth is... as long as you think outside of the box you are still restricted by its existence. There is no box, the box is in your mind. And when, it’s a portmanteau which provides points of reference needed to “benchmark” against.

That isn’t that free thinking at all.


Let us agree to disagree: I'll be Shroedinger,
you be the cat, let's NOT open that Pandora's Box...
Therefore, I hereby invoke the
Third Satanic Rule of Earth
as this blog is my lair...

Sigilum Baphomet.gif

There IS no truth,
DEFINITELY not AN absolute one,
but little subjective so-called truths,
created by the observer,
the second he or she discards
some signals to privilege others over them,
therefore creating that version
of a very subjective truth, did I mention it?

That was rhetorical.

As much as I appreciated the fancy wording,
I am well read and a scholar,
you do not want to thread down
that speculative path with me,
as I have a counter argument for
EVERY counter argument,
in the purest tradition of
the yoga of antinomies...

I don't think it would serve any purpose at this point,
other than to create a potentially conflicted context
about which my feeling is that
it is a thing we should rather avoid,
don't you think, kind Sir?

So mote it be, So it is DONE.


Hail Satan!

Love is the Law, love under will
The Reverend Maelstrohm Black

P.S.: Don't you just love me when I'm being dramatic?