What experience has taught to me. More pictures of my plants and introducing Mr. Bud!

last year

For almost more than a month, I have experienced an authentic emotional madness. A roller coaster of positive and negative sensations that have brought me to the brink of mental collapse.

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Today I've been with @pablo smoking this pretty head and talking about what happened with Rosa's pregnancy and everything that surrounds the subject. I will briefly tell you a summary of everything. In just a few days, I made the decision to go to Valencia to start a new experience with her, close to her family. When everything became difficult and we ran out of resources just two weeks ago, we returned home. When she gets here, she tells me that she just wants to be my friend. She has been almost 4 months pregnant and I still do not know if the baby is mine or not. Then there is the fine for testing positive in THC.

But I know that everything happens for something, all experiences are neccesary, so here I continue with my crazy optimism and all love I have in my heart, I do not care anymore, if the child is mine I will love him a lot, and if not, too. Rosa now maybe she can not see some things that I can give her, but it is still her decision to move away from me, therefore I can not do anything to change it. Time displaces everyone in their place.

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I hope that on the other side of the screen, everything goes great! If I tell all this story is not because it matters, but because I know that talking about what happens to us helps us overcome it. So thanks to you for helping me get over it !! Even if you do not believe it, you give me a lot of positive energy!


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Thanks to @li-art for the finish image and thanks all of you for your support!!

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Plants are looking good! What do you mean by "Then there is the fine for testing positive in THC." Who fined you and why?


Police fined me for being positive at cannabis while I was driving a car... 😥😥 I had must to know..


WTF that's crazy. Hope the fine wasn't to much.

  ·  last year

Honourable of you to stick around even if the baby isn't yours. : )


I trusted in the life experiences much more than in myself. But life is now teaching me!