Learning how to buy/sell SMOKE tokens with RUDEX.

last year

These days I have been thinking of buying some SMOKE through some exchange market. For now, the only ones that work with SMOKE are Rudex and Escodex. Here you have the price of the SMOKE of both platforms:

  • Rudex: 0.11 BTS = 0.00422 €
  • Escodex: 0.00000025 BTC = 0.0025 €

For now I think I will use Rudex because Escodex apparently hasn't updated the price of SMOKE yet. To buy just have BTC, BTS, STEEM, SBD, or some others. The method as in all markets we already know. We have an entry address of BTC or BTS that are changed by SMOKE inside. Then we send it to our address here in smoke.io using our username. At least as far as I could see, the method is like this, since I still haven't bought anything.

That's why I make this post, if someone else knows the method, and can add or clarify some step I told, it would be great! A big hug for everyone!! See you in the next post!!


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Thanks to @li-art for the finish image and thanks all of you for your support!!

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This post covers it: https://smoke.io/guide/@jwolf/how-to-buy-smoke-on-rudex-or-step-by-step-for-newbies

We, @cannaweedness the witness team I am member of, wrote a basic smoke faq too: https://j.mp/smokefaq


Thank you so much for this friend!! I will read it!


The FAQ will be expanded as the community grows. This is a basic 0.1 version. We may even consider a different platform in the future (why I use the short link as I can easily update where the short link leads to).

If you have additional questions, feel free to forward them. I’m easily found in the Smoke discord and will consider any question for addition.