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Kuailian it is an investment system through which we will receive money every day in our Ethereum wallet thanks to software that performs automated operations. Any user who wants to be part of Kuailian must have a minimum capital of $ 250 in ETH since it is the cryptocurrency with which they work. If you do not have ETH and want to work with this system, you can purchase them in the Coinbase application (see below).


To explain the operation of Kuailian I leave you here the introductory video:

The benefits generated in Kualian do NOT depend on the value of a cryptocurrency, but on the number of transactions that occur daily. This is a great advantage since if a cryptocurrency changes its value, it will NOT affect our investment.


Commissions are generated through the validation of the transactions carried out by the Master Nodes in a Blockchain network. This is that every time money is sent or received in the form of cryptocurrencies, a commission is paid and part of that commission goes to the Master Nodes as a reward.

To get these rewards on the Kuailian network, you need to buy KUAIS.



A KUAI is a contract that lasts for 1000 days. Each KUAI costs $ 100 and can be purchased once you have purchased the $ 50.95 membership that is paid only once.

In technical words, a KUAI is a 1000-day rental agreement on a server dedicated to PoS mining (Proof of Stake) from which we will receive daily income thanks to the Master Nodes.

  • The KUAIS are purchased at ETH for a price of $ 100
  • Each contract has a duration of 1000 days
  • You charge each day in your personal Ethereum wallet
  • The money does not stay in your Kuailian Account, it is collected directly every day.
  • The percentage of earnings is around 9% per month (a figure that can vary depending on the performance of the Master Nodes)

In a simplified way, a KUAI is a participation that will provide you with DAILY income for 1000 days. With the benefits obtained in your Ethereum portfolio, you can buy more KUAIS or spend them on whatever you want.


  • Purchase 10 KUAIS for $ 1000
  • ROI 0.30% Daily / 1000 days
  • $ 1000 KUAIS x 0.0030 = $ 3 a day
  • $ 3 x 30 days = $ 90 month
  • $ 3 x 1000 days = $ 3000 in TOTAL

All this must be converted to the ETH currency, since the platform will send us the rewards in this currency. And then you have to include the price variations of the ETH, therefore if the ETH rises, we will be receiving a greater reward.

The Kuailian platform is very easy to use and you can register for free, but until you pay the $ 50.95 membership you will not be able to buy KUAIS.


  • Access to the educational platform Kuailian Academy with content and training videos on the different tools it offers (soon they will offer training in trading).
  • Participation in the KUAIS Smart Pool.


An ETH wallet is required, both to purchase KUAIS and to receive daily earnings. I use Coinbase, where you can link a VISA card to buy Ethereum. You can also buy other cryptocurrencies and change them to ETH at no additional cost. You can register from THIS LINK. (You will receive € 9 free in BTC for the purchase of € 91 or more in cryptocurrencies)



Once registered with Coinbase, we made an ETH purchase to purchase our KUAIS and pay the $ 50.95 one-time membership. The initial investment to start at Kuailian is $ 250, although I recommend you have something more for the small commissions of the wallet and transfers. In this case, the ideal would be to buy $ 250 (€ 230).



To open an account you have to fill in the fields with your details and your address Ethereum wallet. Check that my name appears in the "Affiliate" box and enter a strong and secure password with an uppercase, lowercase, number, symbol and at least 8 characters.


After registration, they will send us a verification email to our email. Once our account is verified, we can access the platform.


When we have already accessed our account within the platform, an image like the following will appear. Click on "Pay the Fee" and it will appear exactly the amount you have to send and the address of the ETH wallet where you should send the money. I recommend you buy ETH when it has a low value, since the returns apply to the amount of ETH, if we buy when it is worth little, we would be buying more quantity of ETH.



Now go to your account ** Coinbase ** and once inside go to your Ethereum wallet and copy and paste the data of the amount of ETH and the shipping address. If the decimals of the amount of ETH are very long, Coinbase may be in error, so I recommend that you round and avoid it. In my case I always send a few more cents for the small commission that Coinbase charges. Once the ETH amount has been sent, the transaction will be validated in a few minutes and we will already have access to our Kuailian account and we will be able to buy our first KUAIS.


Once the membership is purchased, you will have access to the academy with training content and the purchase of contracts or KUAIS to obtain the daily earnings. Each contract or KUAI takes 10 to 13 days to activate, after which we will start receiving daily payments for 1000 days in our ETH portfolio in Coinbase automatically.


The purchase process is exactly the same as the membership payment. Choose the amount of KUAIS to buy, accept the conditions and click Continue. It will return to you the exact amount you must send and the address of the ETH wallet where you have to send the money. As before, it rounds up between 3 and 4 cents for small commissions.


Kuailian will give you 2 options when the 1000 payments of a contract (KUAI) are finished:

  • Return between 50-70% of your initial investment at the ETH price that is at the moment.
  • Reinvest between 50-70% of your initial investment at the ETH price that is at the moment.

Keep in mind that the value of Ethereum right now is very low, most likely that in 3 years from now the price has risen in value and therefore the returns on your investments. If you receive 0.01 ETH today you will be earning $ 1.54 but this amount will be greater tomorrow if its value increases.


  • It is a registered and legal Company (it is part of the EEA or Ethereum Enterprise Alliance)
  • 1000-day contracts (KUAIS) are purchased
  • Profits are sent directly to your Ethereum wallet, they do not stay on the platform
  • You can buy back KUAIS with the benefits and continue generating profits
  • It is not controlled by people and therefore does not depend on emotions
  • The software (Machine Learning) is prepared not to make mistakes
  • It does not depend on the volatility of cryptocurrencies, only on the number of daily transactions
  • 100% transparency: they have created a decentralized protocol where all management is public through the Blockchain.

Kualian is not:

  • A pyramid system
  • It is not mandatory to invite other people to start receiving income
  • A Forex and Trading system
  • You do not have to have technical investment knowledge


We can increase profits by inviting other people, although it is not mandatory. With your money you can start generating daily income and, as in other platforms, you can increase commissions by inviting users.

This is how the benefits are distributed in Kuailian:

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-29 at 21.46.13 (1).jpeg

Fast Bonus:

The Fast Bonus is distributed among all the users who have paid the membership and have bought at least 2 KUAIS. Right now the 10 levels of referrals for which we are going to receive Ethereum are unlocked. This Bonus is the one charged by everyone who enters with the most basic investment.

Residual Bonus:

This Bonus begins to be collected from 5 KUAIS, when you have risen to the rank of ADVISOR. The difference is that while with the Fast Bonus you only receive the commission of the first investment of KUAIS from our referrals (in the 10 levels), with the Residual Bonus (Residual Bonus), we will also receive daily commissions for the performance of your KUAIS.

To summarize, the FAST BONUS is charged by everyone who acquires membership and at least 2 KUAIS and earns a commission for the first purchase of their guests in all 10 levels while the "RESIDUAL BONUS" also allows us to receive daily commissions for the performance of the KUAIS of our affiliates.


As we are acquiring KUAIS, we are unlocking the referral levels that we see in the previous table. The highest ranges are reached by the really ambitious people in this project, those with 450 KUAIS will become MAIN SHAREHOLDER and the highest rank with 1000 KUAIS will be for the GLOBAL AMBASSADOR.


What characterizes Kuailian is transparency. Once inside the platform we have access to all the company addresses and to all the portfolios where the ETH that people deposit are received. This allows us to know in real time how much money Kuailian has and how many licenses or KUAIS are in execution.

Although it may be difficult to know in detail the technical factors that make this platform work, all we have to know is where the commissions come from and how the nodes work to generate the rewards. Although it may seem risky, it is a way for money to grow and not stand still. In addition, profitability is much higher than in traditional banks.

Another point in favor is the control we have over the daily payments in our personal ETH portfolio, we will always have our benefits when we want. If you found this proposal interesting, I leave you my invitation link so ​​you can form part of our growth team.



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Sound like the perfect pyramide sheme to me.


It is not a pyramid scheme.. It is multilevel.. A lot of business have a multilevel affiliate system.. Amazon has her own referral system too.. It is only a tool for expanding the platform and get more profits.

Dies it have an Android apk?


Not have an apk for now. But in the future its probably!