All I need is a lighter and some weed...

4 months ago
Hey friends!! I am right now with my friends @pablo and Koky at my home smoking some good weed and talking about life experiences. I will question you one thing. What do you need when you are at equilibrium?
At our normal states of consciousness, we always think that we must to realize something in our life. Not true? No matter what do you want to realize. Happiness, success, love, money, health...
Nothing of this is what we need to do. What we need to do is to realize we have already be all we want to be. Every state, every thought, every emotions and feelings is talking about what we are at this moment. Everything and everyone is a reflect of our own state of consciousness.

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#####We want to whish you a goodnight and goodvibes!!!

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"realize we have already be all we want to be" Very well said, and to me i think the thing that matter the most is keep moving in any circumstances.


Always keep moving!! jeje