Can anybody explain to me why the price of Smoke is not moving at all?

10 months ago

Can Smoke tokens still be traded somewhere? To me it looks like the whole project is kind of . . .

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Don't expect this project or any other to touch mars in the first go. This is a relatively new project and with the passage of time it is growing. Give it time and it will capture good market share. Even the start is not that bad, considering the market conditions when it started were the worst time of crypto.

You can trade SMOKE on

On the next Bitshares release RUDEX.SMOKE will be in the featured market.


So what I see on Bitshares it's not only not moving but it's moving down to zero...


The price drop is epic to sub one cent.
Selling SMOKE for this price is the worst deal now.

Without DEXbot, we would dropped even harder.

I have also thought of this, u only see smoke in rudex nd bitshares, why?

I have been able to trade my Steem for Smoke with a few whales that are here and on Steemit..... I would only do this with people you know and trust though....

Like @acid (acidyo on Steem)

I see now that I can get 1 Million Smoke for 1 Bitcoin.


Deposit some RUDEX.STEEM, trade STEEM for BTS, and BTS for RUDEX.SMOKE.


I send a small about of Steem to a friend on Steemit and they send me Smoke...