Is going down???😦😦

6 months ago

Hi guys hope we have been noticing the, shortdown of server lately..
For instance yesterday I was faced with an error message. And sometimes it shows a gateway error message.
I definitely know that our smoke network team are doing their best to keep the server up.
On the other hand i decided to go check smoke network site, it was still working perfectly. Or am I the only one having these problem. The server was down a couple of times yesterday
Let's have a blazed up and blizted day.

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I haven't had any issues but as a witness I will look into what is going on. It could be your ISP and demand on your ISP servers, but maybe there is an issue we are not aware of. Thanks for letting us know I will see what I find.

Up and running fine here in the Arctic.


Down here in Africa it's always going down

No issue here.. It's running perfect here too!

Yes, I have been experiencing the same thing, just refresh the page, it seems to work.


Yeah that's right