Felt very bad today ☹️☹️

3 days ago

Some people downvoted me without a just cause

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You used photos you took off the internet instead of using photos you took yourself. It wasn't without just cause.


Alright then 👌 fair enough

When you use photos that are not yours, make sure to source them.

All you have to do is write: Source = web address of photo

(Under the photo or at the bottom of your post)

However, pics like the one you just posted about your "Big Brother" and trying to pass it off as yours will get flagged each and every time.


Sourcing alone isn't enough. You can't just use any image on the internet. There are laws about it. You have to make sure they are the proper usage rights because you will potentially be earning a currency of some form or another from it. It is not as simple as sourcing it, don't let this plagiarizing, copyright infringing sack of dog shit tell you otherwise. Make sure you have the rights to use the images you post or you could find yourself in legal trouble.


If no currency of any form was involved, then sourcing would be fine. The potential to earn tho, means you have to abide by diff rules.

Why do you keep posting pics of other people also?...

Isn't this you anyway? You said it was.

It's the most believable one too. So why do you keep posting other people? You also haven't shown any buds in your hands at all really. When you have, it's been some schwag... which is fine, I'll still upvote that, especially cuz I know the struggle... but I mean, stop posting other people and fake bud... It's just getting annoying and you're going to lose any support you DID have. I used to support you, then I saw you posting plagiarized works and then trying to cite it later on, but citing it improperly. You didn't give the poor woman who wrote the majority of one of your posts ANY credit... you instead linked only one site you took other information from. That means that site got credited with HER works. It's just not right.

I also doubt you even smoke cannabis sometimes because you're doing the same thing that satanic meth head did and just posting you "smoking joints" instead of showing us what's really inside. As far as I'm concerned, if you can't show us before and after pics, you've not rolled up any cannabis, to me, you've rolled up tobacco or something and are trying to pass it off instead of just interacting instead of having something to post. You don't always have to have something to post. It's perfectly ok to just comment and earn that way. But putting yourself in a bad light is going to cause you to lose any support you DO garner, over time. Just think about that. If you can get back to posting your actual self and some actual buds, I'll start voting you again as I'm sure many others will. Don't wanna see you fail, but you seem to be trying to use images and stories and such that simply aren't yours and we aren't dumb... we're gonna find out... lol

Just like all these alt account chains who think they're slick. I know about them, but I can't really do much without exposing my own clusters. LOL. So I just let it fly, for now, but they're on a list for sure.


I was wondering this same thing.

So is this a legit photo then? See now the damage is already done and each and every post will have to be questioned!


Further note ... how is that an edible? Please use appropriate tagging 😅