Who Wants To Be A Stoner / Part II

last year


"Who wants to be a #Stoner Series", will test your knowledge & behaviour ( in a #Funny way ) to become more familiar with Smoke.io platform that offers #Cannabis users a safe place to post Cannabis related content and rewards users with Smoke coins, for creating and curating !






Enjoy, Reply With Your Answers !


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Thanks for visiting my blog, where you can find the best Stoner Comedy Movies / THCinema, read about The First Cannabis Church Of Romania, check out my interview With Mr. Nug, where you can know about The Green Prophet, and enjoy My Journey Inside The Hell, after you learn more about The Hemp & Confusion, and to know why I wrote about WEED & TEA, and what is AEA !

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Love me some white widow.


I love to watch again, the first movie that contain Marijuana use ( stoner films) Jewel Robbery (1932), to smoke in scarlet theater denver, and to see Smoke io branded !

Jewel Robbery (1932) Stoner Scenes


Lol! Love me some vintage smokers!