One Year Anniversary & 115K Smoke / Batman Bong & Canna Man

21 days ago
The moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars.
- Arthur C. Clarke -

I agree fully with him because after 365 days, 115K Smoke (The moon) was reached, and the number just seems to be growing and growing, due to your great support.

It's one year for me today on Smoke, I am deeply honoured that you stop by and grateful to be in a position to offer some value to you.

Looking back at my previous posts after one year, I found some #Funny posts, so I will pause my Canna-Culture series today to come up with what I think, it is comic content before to hit from my Batman #Bong to celebrate this awesome #Milestone!


Batman / Canna-Man

Yes, I turned 1 year on smoke today, but "World’s Greatest Detective" who operates within various shades of grey, turned 80 years few days ago!

His character has made his mark in not just comic books, but also in movies, television shows, video games, and a variety of other media. He appeared in the comic book series "Shadow of the Bat".

In the comic, when Floro is decapitated, he regrows the rest of his body using the nearest plant, cannabis. Floronic Man is unlike any other villain.

Unlike most villains, I don’t want to rule the world -- I only want to get it STONED!

Does Batman Smoke Weed?

He starts flooding Gotham City with "super-skunk", but Batman is there to stop him, he re-decapitates Floro to save the city from floods of #Marijuana! As the World’s Greatest Detective, Batman has to have a clear mind, so he made sure to rid the city of Floro’s #Cannabis!


He was created in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, he was black and white as he came 80 years ago, but since September 21 he became green, he became the #Canna-Man!

On Saturday, September 21, Batman turned 80, but he didn’t have enough candles, when he arrived at the party, Poison saw his struggle and gave him the missing number of candles, in joints, and since then he is the Cana-Man!

Thanks For Reading & Great Support

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Very proud of your continued support of the platform and your development toward being an epic content creator! Looking forwards to curating your excellent content in the future mate!


Thanks for nice words, your great support to my work, your continue development to your website and sharing my posts in Twitter.

Onwards to the next big smoke power milestone! ;D


I did not understand why Batman said to Poison: "No, I use only Batman bong" !!!
I love Poison and her Cannabis, more than his bong!!! hehehe.


For now the next milestone is 420K / Will not be easy, but I will try! / Thanks for support.

Wow!! congrats on your one year anniversary on smoke.


Thanks for nice words and contiuned support.


And upon the lord's request...


A good twist for the celebrant. You can be funny too. Love that. Happy 1st Anniversary!