Holiday is Over / Mr& Mrs THC - THC Godfather - Green Pearl ... Coming Soon!

last year


So, the holiday is over, 59 years was passed, like few weeks, days or hours, time to celebrate my birthday but as I miss and I still have what I share with you, I am here just to tell you, I am still alive and the below series will coming soon or a little bit later:

Mr& Mrs THC !

THC Godfather !

Green Pearl !

If You Missed The First Book, Feel Free To Check:
Hash Out The Truth

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I like the ship! Glad you had a good vacation, now get back to work, we miss your posts! LOL


Thanks mate / Indeed was great holiday / Now is the time to start my new series / Thanks for continued support to my work.

Welcome back, hope you enjoyed your holiday 👍


Was short holiday but so sweet one, as I had countless happy moments full of worthy adventures! / It revived my spirit and charged me. So, I returned full of energy for the new start. I hope I am right and you will enjoy my next series "Mr & Mrs THC" ! / Thank you.

Welcome back