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last year

Hey guys, Edmund here with another amazing discovery, Few days ago I joined an internship and one of the tasks required for us to advance to the next stage was to report bugs found on a website - timbu.com.

Screenshot (13).png

What is TImbu?

Well I'm glad you asked, Timbu is an international travel agency that specializes in hotel booking, They help customers book rooms online, they provide help and support making the hotel booking process hassle free.

Though the site is a bit unstable at the moment due to the bugs found on the site a few of them which which include;

  • Irregular scrolling on the images slider in the homepage
  • Abnormal behavior with some internal links.
  • Buttons on the navigation bar have to be clicked twice before opening content.

I am sure the Timbu team are currently working on fixing all the bugs on the site, Other than the above stated the site is really awesome and I think you guys should check it out, It will really save you the stress of battling for accommodation during those wonderful holidays, you wouldn't want that would you now.

So Explore the world now with Timbu.com

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What’s this have to do with cannabis? Do they offer a cannabis excursion?


We most likely they offer a flight to Jamaica haha




This is a cannabis community and social network not a travel blog

  ·  last year


How is this related?

Can it help me find good recreational cannabis trips? Do many hotels allow smoking weed in them?