last year


I told a lie

But not with my mouth,

They told a joke

it wasn't funny yet I laughed.

All you know is that I smile

Behind that smile is an eye that cry

They want to come close

Bcos they are attracted by a mask

At day light I fake a smile,

The darkness reminds me that am sad.

Everyone believe am a star,

All because I fake a smile

When I lie on my back I start to cry,

cos I know am telling a lie,

A lie that really breaks my heart

Sometimes I want to scream am not alright

But how can I,

when they know I will always give a smile.

A smile not really from my heart.

Sometimes I need a shoulder to wipe my teary eyes,

But I have have to hide my eyes

Because they know I will always give a smile,

How come they don't see that am sad?

Maybe I have worn the mask for way too long

And maybe it's time I tell them the pain behind the smile

How I hug my pillow at night

And stare at the emptiness inside my heart

How I wish for a friend to pour my heart

How the silence in my heart has become so loud.

How my thought has hunt my mind

How I wish I could pour this all out.

Maybe no one can help with this pain I feel inside

Maybe all I need is just to fake a smile

And make everyone feel like its all going to be alright.


Good morning friends

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