When I See High Rep Accounts Comment Without Upvoting

8 months ago

Be generous

I can't imagine your attitude in real life when it comes to spending money.

It's internet money, tokens generated by your VP which is restored by 20% daily.

It's not like you are going to starve to death if you upvote people's blogs.

Quality standards my ass; I get it but none of you are professional writers. If there's only room for professional writers and original content creators then guess what: SMOKE.IO IS NEVER GOING MAINSTREAM. We need the people here, the masses. You guys hope to see mass adoption by only making space for professional writers, celebrities and artists? Get real.

You were gifted thousands of Smoke tokens and yet you don't want to upvote others' work, because you're too much of a godly blogger and ingenious writer to cast an upvote to people's work.

Yours is so much better, right? What's that smell? I think it is superiority and intelligence. xD


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And then you see those 35 rep guys and gals, posting 45 times a day to milk the system and then not even casting you an upvote with all that stake they were given FOR FREE.

And such users keep receiving support form the same whales OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Despite their shitty attitude towards the community.

Steemit Memories anyone? Let's not forget what happened to Steem lately.

And don't freaking tell me it's the whole crypto market. Last time I checked XRP didn't lose ground at all. It is now more expensive than Steem.

I have had this happen to me multiple times. I didn't say jack.

And yesterday I received so much hell for speaking my mind regarding those new updates, especially by people who are just milking the system 24/7.

So let's have some fun.

You keep doing you, and I will keep making fun of you with posts and memes.


I might consider buying a million smoke tokens if I am tested again. Just picture what that would mean.

Stay High, don't be tightfisted with your VP, and See you Around

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I agree with you, Some authors milk the system and some upvote just for Curation Rewards, the same authors.

All of us, love the idea of Curation Rewards, but not when it causes some articles of few authors, to go over the moon!

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I also agree with you. I apologize for my yesterday attitude.

Indeed you have the right to express your opinion & definitely my yesterday attitude doesn't represent me.


I respect you more than ever for what you just said. Please accept my apologies as well!

Have a good day!


Every one free to voice his opinion...

It's good to see we are all getting along again, cool. Everyone goes on about quality posts, I have a question, if we are all experts giving top quality advise, who is going to read it? and what would be the point of smoke.i.o? some of us aren't experts on cannabis we just like to smoke the shit. Mate it's a challenge for me to come up with a post everyday and not sound like an idiot!! Glad your staying budman and bong on bro. :-)

this is cringe

I read the post and I read the comments and I feel dumber reading some of them. What @killthecrap was trying to say is that if you have time on your hands to comment something then leave an upskome to the OP. If you took the time to read trough the whole section and feel the need to comment and it's not a post violetion rules then give the OP some smoke. It doesn't cost you anything. It's not like you will lose Smoke for doing that. We need to help rise some of the newer ones who make quality content. I'm constantly on the look out for new members who make quality content. I might not be big myself but I want to help people actually freaking stay on this platform. If you have the courtesy of commenting a post that you felt interesting then leave a up smoke for the guy or gal. I used smoke before steemit and I got the general gist and idea what happened there. And this way that some of you think it should go will just bring doomsday to us on the front porch. So don't be a douche and upskome if it's interesting to you. No matter how high quality the writing or picture is. If you like it show it to the OP.

No one is required to upvote. This is the dumbest argument I've ever seen.


Read the post before commenting, you rocket scientist, I never said anyone's required or obliged to upvote. Manners are not mandatory either, you sharpest tool in the shed. How in the world do you expect to ''roast'' people and tell them they're dumb when you don't even have the mental capacity to comprehend the meaning of the post you're commenting on?