I just placed some cool SMOKE buy orders on Rudex

2 years ago

Oh yes, all these little orders are mine. I started loving doing arbitrage with smoke and in the same time increasing my smoke holdings.


The question is, who is going to sell at this price?


I am waiting for an exchange Steem or SBD to Smoke. I believe this will help a lot of users buying smoke easier, it seems some people find bitshares difficult to use.


Let's hope for the best, I am going to sleep and I hope when I'll wake up all my orders to be completed.

#exchange #smoke #rudex

Keep smoking, life is short!

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Yeah steem to smoke would be awesome. I like rudex more than openledger since there wallets are always down.


I like it too!


you can place rudex.smoke to open.steem trades, it just might take a while to fill on the BTS DEX

Once it hits binance I'll buy some, otherwise I hate having to learn how to do new exchanges


It's not that hard :D