I just created 2 Gifs with Cannabis Benefits for Twitter because Dr. Michelle Ross followed me

11 months ago


Those above are the two gifs I have decided to share on twitter. If you read my yesterday's post, well I have some good news. Dr Michelle Ross followed me and Jessica Catalano liked my reply so that means they are aware that smoke.io exists.


This is fantastic and I also invite you to follow them and tell them to join smoke.io. Just imagine Dr. Michelle Ross mentioning smoke.io in one of her conference. Or imagine Jessica posting instagram stories with smoke.io on swipe up!

I tagged both of them in both posts and hopefully I will get an answer!


Post 1.
Post 2.


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What app do you use to create these gifs?


Giphy :D

Good work thanks!!!


Thank you too!

Nice giffs, I think they will help! I got 2x the info from that one image, I think the giff helped hold my attention longer on this post!


Thank you!

I really doubt weed treats stds.


I will stop using that :P it seems there are no legit sources for that (searched again for sources)