Good morning

10 months ago

Good morning.

Should I wait for 0.01bts/smoke or buy now?

I need an objective answer :)

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At its current price (0.11315 BTS) its definitely a buy. But I won't suggest buying a lot in one go rather buy in chunks so that you can reduce your price risk as you go along. I have seen price fluctuates a lot.

For example buying 200 SMOKE now, 200 tomorrow like this. You can increase the amount if you feel comfortable about the price though.

to buy or not to buy, that's the question


Funny...: )

You could buy some now ,then a bit more if it goes down to that price. : ) btw,i bought a small amount of bts on binance ages ago and havent got around to buying smoke with it yet!

I bought enough for my slider for now and put an order in just above 0.05, I can't see it dipping below that.