Everyone Receive 100 SMOKE + chances to earn STEEM

last year


I am glad I can use smoke.io platform very easily to organise giveaways.

Requirements to receive 100 smoke + Steem

  • you need a steemit account with reputation over 50.
  • you need to login with steemconnect using my link here
  • you need to deposit 10 steem and do 100 spins at 0.1 bet.

Don't be sad. You won't lose your steem. After doing 100 spins, you will receive steem according to your reputation:

50-59 - you will receive 4 steem
60-69 - you will receive 8 steem
over 70 - you will receive 16 steem

After you do 100 spins please comment below and I will send you 100 SMOKE. Why? because I also receive bonus in steem. It's a win-win situation.


E.g. You deposit 10 steem and do 100 rolls at 0.1 bet. You can't lose more than 7 steem in the worst case. So you remain with 3 steem + the bonus you receive + 100 SMOKE from me.

Click here to register!

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Thanks for this info, keep up the good work, mate!


Thanks mate!

I got 42 rep :/
Still, resmoked for easier visibility to the lucky ones :D


thanks a lot!

I would love to win 100 smoke but Im new to all of this and have no steem

Wish u I got 10 steem lying around, but will resmoke for visibility


What s your reputation? If it's over 60 I ll send you 10 steem to play, you do 100 spins each of us get 8 steem and you might have left at least 4 steem so no one lose and you play.

You make such a good offer with the additional 100 SMOKE that I used your referral to log in to Steem Slot Games and made the 100 spins. Got pretty lucky also, because I got a mega win for 32.1 STEEM :D