Stoned in Wonderland -

7 months ago


A #stoner called the fire department and said, "Come quick my house is on fire!" The Fireman asked "How do we get there?" The stoner says "DUH, in a big red truck!"

Evils of #Marijuana
A certain college professor was known for getting off topic during lectures His favorite off-topic subject was "the evils of #marijuana". One day into his lecture he started talking about #weed, "Used regularly," he explained,"pot can cause psychic disorientation, sterility, cancer and castration!" Now wait a minute, professor," interrupted a student. "Castration? Now that's absurd!" "Yes young man, it's sadly true," replied the professor smugly. "Just suppose your girlfriend gets the munchies!"


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Not original.

Evils of marijuana:

And those two AiW images:

  1. Ejl_studio signature
  2. Busted tees image (among other sources).

You're right, the content is not personal. But I liked the joke and psychedelic pictures.


Sure and nothing wrong with that in itself. :)

But because there's rewards involved, I just like to make it obvious to curators.

If they want to reward nevertheless, that's cool. If someone thinks potential rewards need to be corrected (flagged) because of it... that's just as cool.


Thanks man))))