Why I'm powering down my account every month?

4 months ago
  1. Rich kids are dumping my every posts, cause posts in "offtopic" must be related to cannabis topic (according to their rules)
  2. Only rich kids have a vote here, cause they can dump you and you can't dump them.
  3. Smoke project is dead. They launched this platform and that's all. Half year and nothing.
  4. Coin market cap: $907 458 USD after 6 months or longer - wow, such a good marketing.
  5. No new partnerships, no news, no social media, new exchanges etc.
  6. All you got is roadmap and platform. 0 liquidity.
  7. Sell it or soon you won't be able to do it.
  8. It looks like a scam after months. You'll probably say something like "It's a young project" but look at Electroneum for example - it's also a young project.
  9. Yeah, you can dump this post too. I don't care about reward, cause I'm leaving anyway. All what you can do is dump but 1 smoke=1000 sat. No difference for me :)

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If I go to an opera and I start whining butthurt because “rich kids love opera and not metal or industrial goth”... do you really think they are going to give a flying eff about me?

On another note, re-4-6: what have you contributed that helped a decentralized environment or are you here just because you think both the platform [and rich kids] should support and maintain you.

Show me how many projects achieved anything within 5 months. You achieved 0 rep growth. I’m not a rich kid, I entered with 0 and I worked hard. I’m at rep 36 despite being in a prohibition country. It’s possible without blaming the platform and the community.

Sometimes it’s a case of “it’s not them... it’s you”.

I have no time for that petulance. Thanks for nothing.
All I read was: “I’m out here because I don’t earn enough”
All I feel about that is: “Hasta la pasta, good riddance, and... don’t let the door hit you in the back”.

Addendum: Since you don’t care about rewards, you won’t care about stopping your power down and sending me your password, right? I will power it all down for you and I will send it to @cryptosmokers who are a young, bootstrapped curation project and want to reward cannabis related content. So smoke.io ranks better in Google, rather than with $hitdrop referrals.



It's funny how only shit posters are doing these "grandiose" exits haha. Like the platform will flop because they and people like them leave lol. This can only help the platform not harm it.


Related: Apple has been “DOOMED” for the better part of 40 years now. I wonder how many of those doom-sayers have built companies with a marketcap, and market position, like Apple’s.


It's really cringe.


Dam man I think you covered it all with that thanks

Now rich kid I am not, I am not rich or a kid for that matter hahaha

Second smoke ran A 250k if that ico Electroneum ran a massive scam ico for no reason but to profit maybe they have an end project but they forked monaro and that was all they made 39 million on an ico so i would hope they did something with that.

As for rich kids have a vote I know a lot people if not kost are not "rich" they have however put in a good amount time to build stake here.

By the whales not dumping I would think that shows a good sign and we have the only exchange that is really needed and that is a dex that is going to be the way for crypto trades so why would we need anything else?

Trash post, why waste your breath?


You are also right, I should save them keystrokes😀

please do so as we really do not need 14 year old people who do not have enough decency and call order names and insulting around all that don't agree with your opinion. Why would anybody support someone that acts so selfish and in bad manners?





How many smoke you got? Ill buy it to keep you from crying any more


Buy what? We need these dramatic exits so we get more liquidity.

Finally he will contribute something which helps the platform.

Because we are all HODLers.


You are do right, Let him dump

There are so many projects out there. If you don't like it, you could have simply moved on but it looks as if you liked something about this project that made you stick here but then your pathetic posts didn't earn you something making you angry. I can understand that. There is a saying “When you don't know how to dance, you make an excuse by cursing the floor that it is tilted.”
Anyway you are welcomed to leave and i can guarantee that WE WON'T MISS YOU.

Dump it more :) I'll post it on medium, steemit and personal blog also :)


Yeah because you’ve done really well on Steem. 13 Months and reputation 38, actual $TEEM earnings over that period: 2,2STEEM in total, you still have more than 13SP of the Steemit delegation. ‍♂️

Your posts there even don’t benefit 8 upvotes on average, not even some crap trail. Your visibility on Steem is that huge not one post of your gets SEO juice. Yup, you’re absolutely going to damage our reputation.

Oh noes... we totally doomed now!

And let me guess... your Medium is a $hitdrop referral dump too. You’re deluded, dude. The sooner people like you dump, the easier it becomes for people who actually want SMOKE to obtain it. Rather than leeches for an easy buck and shitdrop referral lifestyle dudes.

Thank you for leaving. The pleasure is totally ours.