Yesterday the training was not hard but ...

5 months ago

Yesterday we spent a long time training in the Krav Maga how to remove from above a person who is sitting on you and who is trying to immobilize your arms and hands.

While I was playing the role of attacked everything was fine. When it came to my doing as an attacker I had a small accident. A part of the muscle next to my knee was between a small mattress that we used for this training and the floor. And although I could continue training because I had complete mobility, every time I put that point on the floor it hurt and when I got home I discovered that ...

... I had that little ball next to my knee.😳

Luckily 😊 today in the morning almost the swollen part is not seen and basically what I have is a bruise in that part. I can move the knee without problems everywhere ... it's the good thing about having trained my legs for a long time (cycling and running almost all my life).

And also I have to say that the Canna-therapy worked wonders yesterday with this, especially for going to bed. So well it worked that I could not write yesterday. After smoking two joints I was so relaxed that I went straight to bed.

No pain included!😀

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I was expecting to read about CBD oil treatment. 😂


Magic CBD ;) not the case, but the pain was out with the THC from some Serious Kush (canna-therapy) I use weed for to calm the pain after trainning and works really good. CDB is still not so commun where I live even so is legal since almost a year already.

Be sure to compress and stabilise the knee with bandage and skip classes for one week even though you do not feel pain. This is just an advice from high School nurse and bachelor of physical therapy.


Thanks :) ... Was not really in the knee but a bit down and more muscular. Anyway I will follow your advices, as I always say, it is better to prevent ;)
Cheers! have a nice weekend!

Glad you didn't do any serious damage bro, make sure you take some time off so it can heal. Bong on bro. :-)


Yes, was less than how it looks in the picture at the end, anyhow I will make a small pause to see how it is recovering, so far so good. Ball is not there anymore just a bruize and that is ok. In few days will be fine ... I hope so ;)
Cheers bro and have a nice weekend!