More cloud of TAGs designs with the shape of the logo.

6 months ago

I was playing a little more today during the day with the on-line tool I discovered yesterday to make those clouds of TAGs with different shapes and the truth is that it has many possibilities to create different designs within the same style.

Yesterday I shared a logo design with the letters written in a horizontally direction. Today I bring two new designs and, as I did previously I share the files with black background, white background and a PNG file with transparent background, in this order.

The first with TAGs ordered in random directions.

Random Black.jpeg

Random White.jpeg

Random Transparent.png
Transparent PNG

The random directions in the TAGs in this design give internal mobility to the image that attracts a lot of attention.

The second design is with the TAGs following a positive slope.

Positive Black.jpeg

Positive White.jpeg

Positive Transparent.png
Transparent PNG

Positive slope is always, as the name implies, associated with the positive, something that goes up. Apart from the sensation of speed that gives the image having ordered in this direction the TAGs. The best example of a design that uses this and is well known to all, Nike.

This has ended up being a bit of a mini graphic design class 😄 but it's fine, even for me it's been good to remember these kind of things.

As usual, feel free to use the images as you like!

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Good promo design! I like :)