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2 years ago


Patreon is able to shut down the income of a creator that is flagged by a random user. This is, at times, warranted by the content of the creator but is a very slippery slope. Instead of leaving this source of funding to a company that takes a cut and can shut you down without notice; creators should use a donation platform that respects their privacy, freedom, and is open source.

I do have a Patreon page but never promote since I still want to build a substantial audience and not just blog for money. The problem with Patreon is that they started to kick off members that they don't agree with, mostly right-leaning content creators.

If my blog were 100% about tech and self-help, there would be little to worry about. However, I do talk about my faith, and in this current social environment, some people will flag accounts just because they disagree with the content.

How about those of you doing that just block the user?

It's a novel idea... I know...

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Response to your main topic: Sure, an alternative to patreon is nice, I'm definitely not championing for patreon. Looks like with liberapay I can pay with credit or paypal, and then the content creator gets paid in liberapay? The only concern about that would be if liberapay tanks before the payout or cashout if the content creator actually depends on that money.

This seems to be a major debate between the right and the left.
"Is it ok to go after revenue sources of things you disagree with?"

I see it as pure capitalism in a lot of cases. In general cases, if people disagree with a certain person or group being related to a company and it creates hostility towards the company, it's a wise financial decision for the company to cut ties with them.

I don't see that as censorship either, some people can blog and also be waiters.
It's similar to something Richard Stallman was saying about if people aren't good enough programmers to have a career then the world also needs waiters, etc.

I would love to see a comparison of things that were removed by Patreon and the content they were supporting. It's common these days to phrase everything as "I'm simply opening up the discussion," while only dragging up old, dead memes like white nationalism.
I thought they were about the 'free marketplace of ideas' yet they can't take when an idea fails in the marketplace. It's like the right wants communism when it comes to their ideas, determination of the outcome, equality regardless of merit.

Edit: and upon further thought, liberapay doesn't seem like that bad of an idea, since basically the buyers are the supporters, who have dedicated monthly payments. So that should at least keep the coin at some basic median? Depending on how it's implemented? Obviously larger swings in the market can fluctuate prices. But then the creators sell that back to the supporters? Or is there a dependence on people investing?


It's not a crytpocurrency to be honest. It's just a platform to support creators with monthly subscriptions.

Interesting. Another option is using woocommerce subscriptions plugin. Great post :)

Yeah... Patreon is ridiculous. Don’t waste your time over there.



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