Tweet Tuesday, Social media Promotions for smoke

last year

hello, smokers!!!

Hope you have rolled one today?

I have been getting some cool cannabis followers recently on twitter, have been telling some them chatting me up about smoke on dm's and i guess they will it out and join us.

our community is growing positively as more community-minded users are getting onboard, we are getting high as kite awesome isn't it?

Let's tweet about smoke

This is an opportunity to get huge investors and cannabis advocates to this smoke blockchain so let's take this as serious as shit. Hope you understand the power of social media and the potentials that carries lies beneath.

Below are some of the amazing promotional designs by community members. Feel free to use them or any other of your choice in your social media promotions we aren't gonna let them sit idle or are we?
Design by @chipanda

IMG_20190226_185552_773.JPGby @mbj

Note: A short message telling people about and asking them to check it out.
(You can use the example text below[my tweet] or use your own)
plus 4:20 smokes to get you at least a joint!!
You can use any traditional social media outlets of your choice.
Please remember we are a niche platform, please us appropriate tags[#cannabis #pot #censorfree #blockchain etc]

My tweets


First 10 proof of work will be rewarded with 4.20 smokes.
#Twitter #smokepromotion

Get 4.2 Free Smoke Power On Sign Up To Start Your Journey On Smoke! The First Cannabis Community That Pays You To Post And Curate Content You Love..
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omg, that looks fun.
bet it taste good too

'sweet dabs bro' XD

That pineapple dab rig post is awesome, I’m gunna look for it and retweet! We need #twitter2smoke next!


Yeah yeah!! was amazing couldn't resist sharing it on twitter. #twittertosmoke is a good idea, will be using it on my next tweet 👍