Smoke widespread twitter promotion

7 months ago

Hey hello smokers!!!

It's a promo day💝

With lots of amazing promotional designs dropped every day by community members, there is still alot we can do to sell our platform using this designs for mainstream advertising. I will like to get all hands on deck, we really need to grow our community hence my smoke twitter promotions continue.

Let's tweet about smoke
This is an opportunity to get huge investors and cannabis advocates to this smoke blockchain so let's take this as serious as shit. Hope you understand the power of social media and the potentials that carries lies beneath.

Below are some of the amazing promotional designs by community members. Feel free to use them in your tweets.

rlFcDFP.gifgif by @maryjane

design by @mbj
Design by @mbj
My tweets



Note: i will retweet yours if you drop them on the comment section. plus 4:20 smokes to get you at least a joint!!
You can use other social media platforms

First 10 Tweets will be rewarded with 4.20 smokes.
#Twitter #smokepromotion
Remember no witnesses no smoke blockchain
Please vote for witnesses here
Or set me as a proxy

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Way to go! We need to keep spreading the word, I'm so glad I found this place!


Yeah yeah!!! ❤

You're doing a fantastic job. Keep it up


Thanks a lot @jwolf

Keep the fire burning dear.. Smoke to the moon!!


As always, keep up the good work also ❤

This is a great idea @jessica! Upvoted for your effort on raising awareness about and bringing more people here! Keep up the good job :)


I really appreciate, thanks a bunch.

Ain't no party like a smoke party!

Great work. Keep on doing su H a grew job. The only reason I started Twitter was because it's a great way to advertise something and I decided to focus my Twitter about the Smoke family.


Keep up the good work, we are going mainstream.

Great work, keep on tweeting 👌


Am not stopping anytime soon lol, thanks for your support as always ❤

@jessica Nice Keep Rocking That Blogger Spirit...


Yeah!! Yeah!! The vibe is on 💪

Hey @jessica, I think you may be the right person to ask about that: Is there a media kit already somewhere? For I cropped the logos and such and was thinking about doing a MEDIA KIT post. Is that a good or a bad idea?


I think we have promotional designs atm, they are amazing, you can use them for your promotions. between you can go ahead with you media kit post sounds amazing, gave you a follow❤


alright. I'm gonna do it. Thanks for the follow back. And where would I go to find the designs that already exist?

hmm …



good mrning, May! :D It was the capital …


Did you set me as your proxy?


I did.