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7 months ago

Hey hello smokers!!!

Its a promo day and i must say that it has been really fun on #twitter. promotions have got me dispensary's, growers and cannabis enthusiasts follow and ask questions about smoke which is really amazing, so i never get tired #promoting-smoke. Below are some of my recent tweets, hope you join me lets onboard new community members.

There is still much we can do outside the blockchain to get onboard investors and amazing like-mind content creators to this platform so they can have control of their contents and be free from censorship.
Design by @mbj

Let's tweet about smoke
This is an opportunity to get huge investors and cannabis advocates to this smoke blockchain so let's take this very serious . Hope you understand the power of social media and the potentials that carries lies beneath.
there are lots of designs by the community for promotional proposes, feel free to use them in your tweets.

My tweets

Submit your tweets so we can like and retweet.
As always first 10 Tweets will be rewarded with 4.20 smokes. Will be glad to see you join the campaign.
Remember no witnesses no smoke blockchain
Please vote for witnesses here
Or set me as a proxy

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Yes, I agree. I follow you on Twitter. I tend to base my promotion around promoting smoke posts there or retweet other peoples tweets to give them more widespread promotion. If we want for Smoke to grow we have to promote it online and offline.


Yeah, you are doing a great work for smoke on twitter too. Keep up the amazing work ❤


Thank you. You too do a great work to promote smoke and spread the gospels of cannabis. 😎

This social media promotion especially Twitter is playing a big role in spreading the gospel of Keep up the good work and keep helping the ecosystem to grow. Nice one. And thanks for the mention up there😀😀😀


Thanks @mbj, am really inlove with your amazing design's here. Keep up the great work also.💝

Nice to see you @Jessica!! ❤


Noice! Even I just setup a twitter account to promote smoke. Will get on it ASAP to promote smoke articles


That's good to hear, when created make sure to follow @smoke_io on twitter. I will do well to check you out too✌

Nice work. All these efforts will start taking shape soon. or it already has.


Oh!!! It has already👍

🌿❤️🙋🏻 great Jessica !


Thanks dearie ❤

That's a really good platform to promote
Word of mouth would not do all the work. This is indeed a great challenge to me though smoking cannabis is illegal here. But we still SMOKE ☺


Love those words, all hands should be on deck.

Yeah... I am getting tons of new followers, likes and comments on my Twitter feed since I started Promoting


Yeah, i love what you are doing. really amazing!!! Keep up the good work we are in this together 💫

Great work, keep it up 👍


Thanks a lot @indica