Smoke promo animation

last year


Hello smokers

Hope you all are having a stoned day?

I made a #promo video for smoke for regular people that get censored everyday for posting their cannabis-related contents on regular social media outlets like Facebook twitter and Instagram.

I explained quickly, how smoke as a decentralized cannabis platform won't censor its users but requires general contributions to grow.

I will be sharing it on some of my social media platforms. feel free to use it if you like it*
You can still give your suggestions on the comment section or a dm on discord

Remember no witnesses no smoke blockchain

Please vote for witnesses here
Or set me as a proxy
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This is awesome! we are going to use it as our promotional video on twitter! Are you on twitter so we mention you anytime we do any promotion using your video?


Thanks 👍am happy you like it. You can follow my twitter below




Lol, one of the major reasons why i stopped using it. Cant even remember anymore 😀😀


Awesome & True / we do not need FB.

This is really cool, great work jessica 👍


Thanks @indica, you are doing a great work too. I see you always on twitter doing your thing 😀👍

Great promo / I love it - I did not use FB since Aug 2018.


Me too, enough of centralized shits. Just managing twitter for now though

Nice post:) I haven't used FB in years.


Thanks, me too😀
Maybe we should get it back just for smoke's promo sake

Haha love the toon!
According to the clock on the corner, took them like a month to have this conversation...talking about stoners, they must have been talkong very slow 😉

Awesome job! Me like!


Lol, glad you like it 😀😀

First off, nice to see a new post from you, missed your content. Second off, Woooow. That looks awesome. That's pretty neat animation quality. I love it. Resmoked.
Next time you should get some of us to give the voices. It would be awesome to work on a smoke cartoon. I wanted to make one but I rearly have time to work on it as it takes a lot of time to do it alone. And I don't have animation programs I so tryed with what I have with my first smoke promo cartoon.


Thanks, i have just been more regular on curating than posting for now. Lol, you did a pretty nice stoned job in the voicing for the animation. Nice, i love it 👍


Thank you. I did it on filmora. 😂

Fantastic..... we need to flood the airwaves with these types of posts.


Of course, lets rock and roll:(