Let's preach smoke on Twitter, Join me

10 months ago

Hey hello smokers!!!
Its a promo day💝
There is still much we can do outside the blockchain to get onboard investors and amazing like-mind content creators to this platform so they can have control of their contents and be free from censorship.

Let's tweet about smoke

This is an opportunity to get huge investors and cannabis advocates to this smoke blockchain so let's take this as serious as shit. Hope you understand the power of social media and the potentials that carries lies beneath.
Below are some of the amazing promotional designs by community members. Feel free to use them in your tweets.
IMG-20190115-WA0020.jpg design by @pacolimited
e1f0b457d3f783841f2ebdcc30a362ee5ba44404.jpeg design by @chipanda
IMG-20190115-WA0029.jpg design by @mbj

today's tweets




Submit your tweets so we can like and retweet.
First 10 Tweets will be rewarded with 4.20 smokes.

next update

Our own "Candi" is in a contest to win ManyVids Socithe al Media Influencer of the year for 2019. I know You are aware that @smokeasaurusrex have reached out to the community for support with the goal to show to other mainstream platforms the strength of our community, this can create an avenue to get traffic down here... Visit this post made by @smokeasaurusrex to participate and win smokebits.
Remember no witnesses no smoke blockchain
Please vote for witnesses here
Or set me as a proxy
#Promo-smoke #twitter

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Dope! Keep up the good work!


Thanks a bunch @purpleflowers

Dope designs and awesome to see people invested in it. I'll follow you on Twitter. I'm Zuculuz the pipe pirate
I followed you and retweeted you. I generaly specialize in retweeting and posting smoke posts for people to see the good stuff we have on this platform. I also sometimes post my things.


Yeah, saw you over there.. Gave you a follow too. Thanks for checking out.


Thank you. I love seeing people so invested in this family Smoke family. I try to help as much as I can.


I thing you accidentally u followed me cause my number is the same XD but doesn't matter. We are all one giant family connected trough smoke.

Nice one, keep it up 👍


Thanks a million, you have always been a backbone 💝

great work, I actually found this community because of your images :)


Wow, am very happy right now. This just trigged my promotional spirit, have a nice stay here. I will definitely keep an eye. Got a follow

awesome dear Jessica <3


Thanks alot, see you also doing amazing job here also. Bravo✌

Feels really great to see these designs being used to promote the awesomeness of smoke network.


And thanks for creating those amazing designs, very catchy and cool. Keep up the good work.

I'm all in, let's do some promotion for the platform. By tomorrow I'll be taking it to other media outlets let's see where this can get us.


Thanks alot, will be looking forward to seeing amazing works from you.