Happy stoned birthday!!!

8 months ago

Hi smokers,
Image by @maryjane
It's been a while since I have updated my blog however trust me, I have been here pretty much consistently reading and curating amazing contents by our community members, thanks for making moments here wonderful.
Slowing but steady, we are building our community to a solid cannabis friendly censor free platform and to be honest, it has been amazing from day one. Could remember the testnet phase now we are here waxing strong everyday.
I made an animation to celebrate a year on smoke and then wish myself a happy birthday in advance ( birthday on 31oct) taught's of it gets me more excited and energized in light of the fact that I smoked my first blunts within that time frame.
You can checkout this video

And share your thoughts on it, I will be posting it on Twitter and WhatsApp also feel free to retweet or use to celebrate us
Thanks to everyone who has been putting in their best, making here my favorite. Happy birthday smoke, to our continued success.
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Thanks for video, Jessy / I enjoyed it as I like your creativity / Thanks also for you support to my posts here and in twitter / Will build the community together / Happy 1 anniversary / Keep the good work.


Thanks for your kind words dear, you are one of my favourite authors here on smoke, keep up the good work 👍


And you are one of my favourite members on smoke my dear friend as I always see your activity, sharing the great contents on twitter and curating in smoke what you think is good for smoke platform.

Happy first birthday Stoner!


Thanks :)

More puffs on your coming birthday! Cheers to you!


Thanks, puff puff😂

Happy stoned birthday! Kindly mention me on twitter so i can follow you. My twitter handle https://twitter.com/oluwastoner1


Followed 👍

Yipy! Nice video Jessy.


Thanks, glad you loved it. Its been a while, good to see you around 😀