Join the Drug War - A New Mafia Style Game on the STEEM Blockchain -

5 months ago

Join the Drug War

A New Mafia Style Game on the STEEM Blockchain

Sign Up Here:!/ref/@jeffjagoe

It's another exciting morning on the STEEM blockchain! The @futureshock team has launched a new, free-to-play Mafia-style game, utilizing the STEEM blockchain. All in-game purchases can also be made with resources that you can earn from playing the game. Using STEEM helps you level up faster.

How It Works:

  • Each time a player spends STEEM in-game, the funds go to the dealer, the dealer puts 80% of the funds in the bank pool (AKA the @drugwars account)
  • Each day at midnight UTC, 8% of the total pool is distributed to Drug Wars players.
  • 7% is delivered to all players depending on their drug production.
  • 1% is delivered to players that are invested in the next heist.

I started playing just an hour or so ago. The gameplay is a little slow at the moment, but over-time it will be developed into a great blockchain game using our beloved STEEM blockchain. It's worth checking out, because you can earn some STEEM by playing for free!

Join the Drug War Today:!/ref/@jeffjagoe

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