Earn 10 SMOKE Tokens - New Referral System for DrugWars - Set My Name As Your Referrer

last year

New Referral System for Drug Wars

Set My Name As Your Referrer - Earn 10 SMOKE Tokens

Last week I made a post about the new Drug Wars game on the STEEM blockchain. They recently launched a new referral system, and if you used my link before, it did not count towards my referral stats. If you would be so kind, please set my name as your referrer on the Drug Wars website. I will reward 10 SMOKE tokens to anyone that sets my name because of this post. Be sure to leave a comment below!

How to Set Referrer:

Go to the "HELP" tab on the left side of the screen. Enter my name in the "Set Referrer" box.

In order to earn 10 SMOKE tokens, please leave a comment on this post after you set @jeffjagoe as a referrer on DrugWars.io

Sign Up Here


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I might do this a little bit later


nice let me know if you do and I will be sure to send you some SMOKE!
also if you have a STEEM account, I will send you 1 unit of STEEM Basic Income