September changes to

9 months ago

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September changes to

  • No longer using for generating an rss feed from the website. They sent a 'trial ended' message to 15 truepush subscribers, not cool - sorry about that. I've now changed the site config to generate rss2 instead of atom, this is compatible with truepush. If you've configured something to use the existing atom rss xml feed, please change to the rss2 link so it continues to work.
  • Created and configured PubSubHubbub through Superfeedr. At the moment I'm using the free plan, however if this proves to be a large source of new users i'll think about upgrading. It's $200/month for the pro plan, so I'm holding off to see the initial benefits first.
  • The look of articles in the index has changed a bit. The read time indicator now works & has been moved next to the date. The tags have been moved to under the date & the vote/reward details have been reworded.
  • Banned on facebook before posting a single smoke-indica article. Must be sharing an email ban list with Pinterest.

  • I've updated the look of articles in the archive & tag pages, there's more info including the post's tags, a button to draw more attention for mobile users, and some layout tweaks.
  • Article headers have been updated to look more like the index page.
  • Fixed the responsive grid in the sidebar & author pages.
  • Added a grey logo beside smoke indica, though perhaps it'd be better to make my own? Not sure.
  • The ' x posts' beside the top user & tag sidebar widgets is now hidden for smaller devices.

  • The author page has improved responsive design & the tags are no longer buttons. The tags, images and posts are now sorted by most recent content on the author page.
  • Removed telegram, whatsapp & facebook social media links from the site.

More changes coming soon maybe 👍

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Default ban already even before posting. Gotta love how slowly but surely those centralized media platforms feed everyone with reasons to leave for blockchain.

Maybe right now they think they’re too big to fail but so did Tom over at MySpace.


Tom made bank off myspace 😂

But yeah it's hilarious that I got banned before even posting, they're afraid of decentralized content creators & are avid cannabis prohibitionists.


Tumblr was recently sold for rumored (only) $30 million to Automattic/

While the years under Y! didn't help, just like Y! killed the Flickr community, that sale was undoubtedly the result of their recent new adult content guidelines. Talk about dramatic cliffs after a $1.1bn all cash acquisition.

All that just for trying to reign in the community. Didn't they learn from Digg trying to oppress the DVD decoding hex? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Next to see a massive exodus due to "hiding" democratize content behind their paywall... Medium. At least Ev will actually once have run few months of break even. That's a novelty in his career. 😂


To be fair, it was that or spend bank on filtering out bad porn, they chose the wrong option. Worth posting to tumblr, never know..


Yeah Tumblr is suddenly looking like an interesting sharing option. Mullenweg has historically refused to censor and rather see be lblocked in countries than censor.

So strange how they banned you on Facebook before you post any single article of smoke-indica ?!

Anyway promoting Cannabis using FB will not bring any result, I think!

As I promoted smoke and my blog in my Fb pages and all my groups daily for a long period in past and no result, the reason why I did not use it since the end of feb this year.

I believe I was lucky, as I did not have problem with them and never I got banned !

Thank for hard work, great support and continuous improvement to your website.

Looking nicer....welcome to September

Hi! I made an update post on the Green poison yesterday ..can you please check whether it is possible to include it in the Sept . Thanks.