Open sourcing of the smoke-indica blog

2 years ago

I figured it might be worth open sourcing my blog, so check it out:

  • create-hexo-posts
    • A scheduled script for scraping the smoke blockchain for new posts.
    • If your post seems malformed on smoke-indica this is where it could be fixed programmatically.
  • indica-blog
    • This is the main part of the smoke-indica blog, this shows how the entire website is configured, holds the source for all the scraped posts and contains the smoke-indica hexo blog theme.
    • If you want to make a change to the website that doesn't involve the contents of blog posts, this is the repo to investigate - specifically the 'landscape' theme folder.
    • If you want to edit your posts on smoke-indica, check the 'source/_posts' folder.
  • smoke-price-api
    • This is the script used to scrape the bitshares blockchain for the latest smoke & rudex.smoke prices.

Anyone planning on creating their own equivalent of smoke-indica?

Anyone interested in helping improve the smoke-indica blog through open sourced development?

The above repos are all MIT licensed btw, so enjoy!

Hope you're all having a good weekend 👍


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Interesting. Need to find time to take a closer look.

One general programming thing. In a for-loop, don't use the .length function. It will result in calculating the value with every run of the loop. In most cases the value doesn't change. It is better to store the value in a variable and use that variable in the for-loop.


Ah, I had thought the comparison value was only calculated once? Hmm..


Maybe it depends on the language you use.

Nice move man!
I'll be happy to help you out with smoke-indica...taking my time limitations in account ;)

Will play around with the repos the moment i get a chance!

Thanks for sharing it.


If your posts look messed up on smoke-indica, you could change the source directly in the github repo 👍


That is great! Can help with the organic reach to


Yeah there's quite a lot of posts that look malformed

Forked! Stoked to fiddle around with it🔥


Cool, just change the colours and images if you decide to host it 👍

The scripts for generating authors and articles could probably do with improvement 🤔

Hah. Some hours ago I was thinking about checking out whether you had a repo for your hexo fork/mod.

It came to mind as I was thinking about building a similar site for all posts upsmoked, not resteemed as it would clutter the cannaweedness feed -- eventhough @eonwarped is the person who submitted the "hide resteems" code to steem's condenser-- with cannaweedness account.

Great timing lol.


You would need to monitor the accounts operations filtering for votes then requesting that post

Looks as great as ever.


Thanks man, hopefully this will help people start their own hexo blog 👍

I need to get smart like you ;D

Is there a way to see how much traffic I get to my blog post?


No not really

One thing that would really improve the website (and most hexo blogs) is Google AMP support:

Except it doesn't work for smoke-indica because it gets stuck on some invalid images and consumes the majority of the CPU as a result.