New Twitter account

10 months ago

I've created a dedicated Twitter account related to this account so I'm easier to get in contact with & so that I can spread the word about to the masses!

Can you share your Twitter account and I'll follow you back?

I had to throw together a simple profile pic & set it here so that I could see the profile menu button again (blank default image?)

Cheers 👍

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I should revamp my twitter for this purpose, i'm @rawpridebitcoin on twitter.

I just got back on twitter a few days ago for promoting purposes :) .. haven't done much yet, but i'll start tweeting out some strain review links soon


Followed 👍

Just followed you, I think I should change my twitter handle related to crypto.

Nice, just followed!

Following now. Used sporadically for blockchain promo only:

Mine is @zuculuz

Nicee 🙂 Following you. My twitter handle is beats_io

Great idea


I will ref give you a follow when I get back on the Twitter. Good job bro. I just started cross promoting myself.

@heaterville bro bro!!

Followed you! I love your green style!

Found ya and following you.
I need to do more cross promo with SMOKE on there!


I've got an account, but well, I don't like twitter. Anyways. Started following.

Don't do twitter myself, I think is much better, no nastiness or fighting just people sharing a passion. Bong on bro. :-)


I'm hoping that by making a cannabis dedicated twitter that my feed will be a bit less crazy haha!


I wish you luck on your new endeavor @indica, your certainly have had a huge impact on I might come over and wade my way through the crazies to find you on twitter, Lol

Re-smoked and retweeted!

I had followed you

I will be back with my smoke twitter promotions soon, just caught up with too many offline activities of recent.
Followed you, here is mine