New "Smoke Indica" blog online! What do you think?

9 months ago

Check out my new blog:

It's powered by Hexo using the default landscape theme, content from my blog (including resmoked content) is fetched usingsmoke-js.

I still need to change the theme a bit and add a link to the original post in each blog entry.

What do people think? Would you want to run your own?

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter:

#programming #hexo

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I love it tbh, just feel like maybe you should add more cannabis-themed elements to it? :P Beyond that, I like it. It's a great way to draw even more attention to SMOKE! :D Plus, Smoke-Indica is a pretty easily recognizable/memorable/valuable URL!


Yeah I got caught up trying to use a different theme, got stuck so went back to the default theme. The banner will be changed and I'll probably add banner graphics in the side advertising

Yeah I thought I was pretty lucky to get the domain haha

What a great idea! Everything is more organized and easy access to the tags. I have already saved it in favorites to enter quickly. If you had luck with the name of the domain: D
I also took several weeks thinking about doing a domain to create a website that serves as a bridge to get to with the lesson learned. The ultimate goal of this website would be to attract quality users with clear and well-informed ideas.

I keep thinking about it! :)

I really love this. I’ve been wanting to get a website going but know nothing about how any of this works. I’d love to have my content from smoke and steemit in a personal website. I will be watching for more information on how you put it together and how it works.


I'll try to open source the code once finished so it's easier for you to setup


Awesome 👏 thanks


Getting the content from steemit is really simple with Node! Heres where you start! A couple of lines of code in the terminal and you got yourself a whole blog website populated by your own custom steemit! Getting started is the easy!
I tested it out in between smoke breaks and was amazed how simple it is!


Thank you 🙏I’ll check that out and see if I can wrap my head around it. 😓😎

Awesome! Definitely would love to take a crack a setting one up. I currently own the domain which would fit well. Or lol


I really like concept behind it... and it would add more to the exposure Smoke deserves.
Really nice.

Awesome.. Maybe you should add catchy questionnaires related to posts, i think that would be nice between, I will also love to run my own site for Smoke though but that would be later. Nice way to promote smoke 👍

Wow! This is an awesome idea .... Smoke will get another exposure and hopefully many people would join the community. Great blog concept!

I'd love to have my own personal website for SMOKE - just like you have there. The only thing that concerns me is all that coding that's involved (bringing posts from my own SMOKE page and copying them to my own personal web page). That's seems REALLY complicated. So tell me . . . is it?


Not really, I've run into some issues which have taken a few hours to resolve, but nothing impossible.

I need to figure out how to index all my posts, currently limited to like 100

it's awesome ! , Nice idea ,
i wish i was also in the art tag :D , maybe later ✌🏼❤️ehehhe ...


When I add all my reblogged content it'll probably show up, no worries

Nice, it's a perfect option to have full control over your content in the long term. I also own one but not in cannabis niche.


This is a great idea. I like it. It could potentially give smoke and it's members more exposure.

Would love to.. This is a pretty cool idea :D

That's for sure is a kul idea man....

Very cool blog.

Cool site, can you make a tutorial, any additional info about smoke-js would be helpful, I want to learn how to use smoke-js. I did not realize it was all done???! At first glance it looksed same as steem-js, and I was not sure If I was supposed to edit the smoke-js first to use it? Did you have to change any code in some-js? Is there any info on how to use it, all the code looks same as steem, so this blows my mind! I was just on hero, but did not see anything about smoke-js. I sometimes have a hard time researching smoke because there is another program named smoke out there that my terminal knows, which is why I have delayed looking into it, have not found any clear directions yet! I am able to use the streem-js with node easily, so looking forward to using with smoke-js too!

Why do my posts look like it doesn't support language?


It doesn't parse markdown yet, I'll have to work on that

Love how fast it is. Some mean server level caching going on.

May have to explore Hexo as I've sat on a domain to aggregate Smoke content on (for wider distribution) since a while but haven't yet found an ideal platform to use.

PS: Nginx throws an error when clicking the local post link.

Wow, that's awesome bro, it looks really good. It's a good way to consolidate all your favourite info and posts into one easy to find location. Well done, bong on bro.