Improving - more to come

9 months ago

The post previews on the index of are more compact, a few redundant links were removed and the layout was tweaked for the small user profile to be seperate from the main post's contents and not too distracting.

There's also a 'time to read' estimator, though this needs tweaked to have a lower wpm rate to account for everyone being stoned haha!

When you click on a tag and are shown the tag post archive view, there's now a header reminding the user what tag they're viewing.

I've established a Tumblr and Reddit presence; they're both updated with content using IFTTT and RSS feeds.

The sidebar related links widget has been updated with relevant links & smoke token asset links.

The author page has been updated to now show a random thumbnail from each of the author's featured posts.


  • Fix chrome android web view - something is wrong with lozad, it's breaking the images.
  • See if I'm banned from Facebook before I get a single post published.
  • Improve the sidebar, it's rather ugly.
  • Publish backlog of content to Mix.
  • Investigate further condensed content widgets and or UI elements - the large images right now result in not much content being shown above the fold.
  • Iterate over featured posts, update the contents from latest values stored on the blockchain. The rewards and content may have changed due to votes and edits.

Any further development suggestions? I'd love to hear what changes you can theorize.


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Sorry for delay, I read your post just now, thanks for update, improving and what you planned to do! / You did great, as I start to see my work in twitter, Mix, etc .. My following growing and I thank you for that, as your website is awesome publicity, for every user and for! / My page in your website looks so great - thanks for support and hard work. / By the way, I ask you so kindly to check - when you have time - the script that updates author's profile data, as I think it does not work well the last days. / As health is the most important thing, I will be offine, due to some health issues and I hope that I will be able to be back a.s.a.p. / Wish u a great sunday.


I'll have a look at the script, it doesn't run frequently.

Dont stress about taking time off, health comes first, mate. I'll be improving the site and posting the content to social media 👍

Gotta love IFTTT. Pity their applets do not allow much fiddling with them.

Liking the image wall. Always thought browsing a site by images was an interesting thing.


Yeah I'm hitting the 9m rate limit on with my new account, so only 1 post of a few get posted. Thankfully there's an easy reddit share button on the site 👍

Now that's a smoke net presence right there. Thank you for the hard work. It must be pretty difficult to keep updating it and improving.


Thanks, most difficulty is trying to look at it with a fresh perspective after each dev iteration & device compatability 🤔

Great work. You are gong to bring a lot of new Stoners to the platform.... Smoke will soon be back to .10 cents.... then $1 and much much higher from there. We will be so High we will all forget that Smoke was once less than a penny.


Sounds good to me 🍻

I like the look of my page on
Everything is convenient and beautiful.


Cheers 👍

Definitely going to list your site as a goto for in my contest post!

Wow thats so amazing hell yeah


Thanks, your account has a decent presence on 👍

Now using Truepush to enable push notifications on

What I like most is the thumbnail of pics... and of course the list of titles.. it is not only a list but in my perspective, a very good tool that enumerates the post of the authors.. I use it to find previous post in it and use the links for my latest post as reference whenever needed ... the site looks wonderful as time passes..great work and efforts ..thanks!