Gotta keep on updating - Changed the banner & Navbar

9 months ago

The large banner with the semi transparent header text has been replaced with a simple responsive navbar which has drop down menus and supports mobile by collapsing to hide horizontal links.

The sidebar data is now mostly available in the navbar, this will present this info more prominently for more users than before. Before on mobile, the sidebar was shown at the very bottom of the page which reduced the likelihood of seeing top users/tags etc.

More improvements coming every other day, keep an eye on 👍

Always open to suggestions, bug reports, etc. Interested in hearing about your smoke projects!

Take it easy 👌


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you're indeed doing great on your website @indica . now i know about this site. more developments to come . and congrats our dear @indaymers you definitely deserve to be on the list of top users 👌💚💚💚

Oh good idea, that would really highlight the authors then. Seeing my name included in the list down is an honor, thanks!


You're welcome :)

Congratulations to @indaymers my favorite smoker. Thank you for being supportive to all deserving smoke bloggers.


The smoke big shots made these all happened, they deserve the merit for being very supportive curators but foremost @indica for his curation , blog and his never ending promotion for ...also his efforts and campaign to legalize both medicinal and recreational marijuana. All I can say is kudos to him.

Man your page has really cone a long way. I’m liking the overall feel more and more.


Thanks, slowly but surely its turning into a pretty decent site if I can say so myself 😂

Everything suits me, updates are always great.
All health and profit.

Thats so awesome wicked job, thanks for the update, cheers

Its definitly looking prettier


Thanks :)

this seems to be a one-stop checking on who's who have a great content of the day to curate.
nice one!


Totally, add it to your website surfing rotation ;D


yeah and shared to some enthusiasts.


Nice one, cheers mate 👍

It looks dope

Nice job