Further smoke-indica.com developments - May 2020

7 months ago

Made some decent progress to smoke-indica.com in the last 10 days since the last status update. What do you think of the changes? Any suggestions for improvement?

Still under lock down, still doing well, getting more into gardening with the weather improving lately.

How is everyone getting on?

Index Changes:

  • Now using the react semantic ui framework instead of the previously mentioned react bulma framework for buttons, cards, headers, items and dividers.
  • Replaced sidebar navigation to a top navbar navigation.
    • Post pages now have this same top navbar, instead of just a 'back' button.
  • Feed now takes up more of the screen

Post pages no longer display the first image at the top, the remaining text content is stored in a card:

Post author's related posts below the post:

Post's related tags:

Artist page changes:

  • Replaced profile table with a card
  • Implemented a react-window list similar to the feed, reducing size of the page.


  • Update the content from the smoke blockchain
  • Figure out continuous smoke blockchain data ETL process
  • Fix bug where shuffle sort prevents the 'new' sort type working
  • Hide images in lists on mobile, avoiding a vertical scrollbar in each list item row.
  • Fix positioning/margin/padding/width of website

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You know... after looking at it for awhile it finally dawned on me what I am missing... the green 😅 just not the same without that vivid green leaf 😉


but now its look cleaner and you have green in the layout background...but can't really debate preferences 😅😂


Does it still have the green layout background after you do CTRL + F5?


Yeah, for some reason when I imported the semantic ui framework css, it killed all the colour styling.

The performance of the site seems to have taken quite a hit on first load, so I'm going to try to figure that out first then will work on the styling of the website.


Still light years faster then pulling direct from front end IMO but I’d assume your looking at the page load stats and what not 😅 we not Twitternaughts here 😅


Yeah, it takes a while to load on first visit, I've got to refactor some of the code I think to resolve this.

Its looks great :) I like the simple layout and how easy is to browse 😊 and definitely the sort option is a big plus 💚



Looking good. Spending lots of time here in the garden in Canada. Trying to have any groceries and other supplies delivered. We Won’t be going anywhere for a very very long time.


Thanks man, appreciated 👍

Yeah man, me neither, usually flying every month for work but that's probably done for the next year or so, not been in a retail shop in about 3 months now, but I've been buying a lot online though haha


I agree, it is looking better more and more the time that is put into it. If someone cares about something deeply it will be a great success I think! :)


Why do you keep sucking his dick pretending that it's good, just so that you'll keep the support. Do you in any way have the ability to think and act as an individual? Or do you just bitch up every time money is on the table? If that's the case, it's a pretty pathetic way to live. If not, then you have absolutely abhorrent values of what is "good quality" and what is not.

@indica, how about you post your website to reddit or something and let them tell you what they think about it? At least you'll get honest feedback. It might be nicer than mine and actually constructive too. To think that this in any way represents something that "looks good" for a website tho, is simply ignorant. Ignorance isn't bliss tho if you're looking to actually have traffic to your website. You'll need a better theme, among all the other shit that needs fixing.

The only thing I WILL honestly give you credit on, is that it is very functional and there are many facets of it that allow for easy navigation. They are just placed abhorrently. I know I'm an asshole, but I'm an honest asshole and I've been in web development, networking, coding, etc.... for DECADES now. I know a shitty looking website when I see one.

Very informative.... let's see how this goes


Thanks mate, yeah still a ways to go but continuously iterating on development during this lock down.

More progress is good! Always happy to see it! Things are coming along in no time. Doing great!

Development of smoke-indica.com

Ah, this gif does! :-D


It goes from Steve Harvey to Mr. Potato Head. Although, Steve Harvey is actually still probably too good looking to have been compared to that dumpster fire you call a website. LOL.

Development of smoke-indica.com


Keep trying buddy, you'll get it one day! Just keeping it real! ;-) You keep asking people about your site, on a public chain, so here's your honest answer, not the one meant to suck your dick for upvotes on mediocre quality bullshit.

Try making the theme better. Your styling is absolute shit. It looks like websites that started when the internet first came around. Not sure if you know shit about CSS, but that's where you should probably fucking start. Not to mention lining your elements up in a neater fashion. Not sure what the hell makes you actually believe the shit these people say, you must have no introspection whatsoever, because there is MAJOR work to be done to the site before it begins to look even halfway decent. As I've said and will say again, now, directly to you; Every time I see you promoting it in this state, I FEEL smoke devaluing as a whole.

Also, you're a dipshit on discord. I never "attacked" shit. I was testing the network and then when people were bitching and mislabeling shit, I started to make those test posts more offensive to trigger their tiny minds. Stop spreading lies, because frankly, you're going to see some legal issues if you keep slanderizing my name in such a libelous manner. Finances are involved here and you're making claims of me attacking something I'm invested in and WAS trying to develop something of some quality, for. You are arrogant above all else, but it seems nothing will humble you. Not even the realization that everyone around you just props up your shitty looking website instead of be real with you so it can improve, for upvotes on their shit so they can "power up!!" as the dumbasses say, or dump it off, like those of us with sense have begun to do.

I don't need the signup process to create more accounts, I've got HUNDREDS on hold. I only recently even activated most of the newer ones beyond the initial 4 clusters. 2 of which have been entirely inactive stake (Not used to "abuse" even, as you call it.)

I had hope for this place, @indica, I truly did. The lack of dev efforts and development, is what is flushing this place down the fucking drain. I offered help many a time, no one wanted it. I guarantee you I could create massive hype for this place, single-handedly, but no one wants to pay me to do it, so why would I fatten other people's pockets, who are too fucking lazy to develop for their userbase and to increase value in their currency? It's lack shit, is what it is. These devs LACK the ability to run shit like bosses. They shouldn't have tried. Now they're looking for outs. You would know, you're one of them. You keep telling people I'm spreading "fud" except you can see the discord for yourselves. Very few people talking and hardly ever, for months and months and months now. Dev team refuses to get on their main accounts, even tho they probably damn well know that it would settle a lot of concerns people have had about the future. They are supposedly selective with whom they talk to and when, which does not help their case. Signups are shut down which is our only incentive to even be here. If no one new can come, then this is ultimately just a circle-jerking chain, with dev team having withheld a shit ton of stake, to manipulate things as they see fit for the "safety and betterment" of the community/chain. As fucking if. They have not offered up payment of any sort as incentive to develop, so why would anyone? If they made a post saying there was a contest to develop, with a 1mil smoke reward.... we'd have development. Quality. Since the community would give input on all the developed material. They don't do that tho, they don't think. They don't care. Why should we? I don't work to make those who have money richer, I work to make myself richer. Why would I pump up the value of something, just to receive a small portion of what my hard work brings? Fuck that! LOL! You idiots MUST be retarded to think with that logic. Everyone keeps saying "bring value!" but the only new value we can receive, without development, would be new money from new people which is not currently an option. Signups ARE NOT working. As I said before, I have tried from my own methods, as well as had LEGITIMATE DIFFERENT PEOPLE attempt to make accounts through their own personal IP addresses and phone numbers and there has been nothing now, for months, for tens of people and for my hundreds of attempts at my own methods. If signups do not get fixed, we are dead in the water and just giving each other slowly depreciating handjobs, which will depreciate by whoever is smart enough to cash out on the circle's idiocracy.


New signup methods are in the works.


Fuck it, people should see this. Even though it will be likely voted invisible, because indica's on his man period again and has a stick up his invalid ass, as usual.

@d00k13, @offgrid, @writer43, @groot, @rawpride, @stoner, @baabeetaa, @raz - (AKA: @razeiv, @ggardener09, @artisto, @herbygirl, and probably @relaylogix too), @iis3ns, @louismata, @smoakpipe, @grahamsvorten, @maelstrohmmicropenis, @iah, @xen, @zpzn, @cannabis

All the ones I remember off top that aren't parts of my cluster, that are actually still active in some way. Or... Are there some from my cluster in there too? ;-) Anyone interested in rabbit holes?! ;-D

Here's a rabbit hole for you! Some of these accounts listed separately, are also alt accounts of the same person! I just didn't want to call everyone out! Some people I actually still have respect for. Those silent alt accounters, who keep their fucking mouths shut. You da real ones. ;-)

Looks like it has potential, however I'm a bit confused on how anyone helps build extra content on this site and how it ties into smoke?


It extracts and promotes content from the smoke network

Just came across this. This looks great, platform is simple, I do little programming also