Finally updated - May 2020

2 months ago

For the last couple months there was an issue in smoke-indica's code preventing render building the site, as of today this has been fixed and so updates will be more frequently coming to


  • No longer using react-tabs for switching between feed sort & view types.
  • Created a custom react component class for the feed
  • No longer pre-sorting the feed items for each sort type, now only processing upon sort button click; this should make loading the page faster.
  • Avoiding excessive rendering via the image button mechanism
  • Added a message for users with javascript disabled
  • Attempting to fix the Google analytics & search console presence (both broke a couple months back).


  • Switch to using Bulma framework
  • Switch sidebar for top navbar, synchronizing the desktop & mobile views.
  • Improve the size & positioning of both the feed box & the rows within the variable sized list.
  • Update the content from the smoke blockchain
  • Figure out continuous smoke blockchain data ETL process
  • Fix bug where shuffle sort prevents the 'new' sort type working


How's everyone getting on?

I'm still on full lockdown, will likely be so for the next few months, but it's not too bad because I've got a good system going and have social distancing space in my garden to avoid getting cooped up.

Whilst I wasn't working on the site in the last month, I've been working IRL, watching sons of anarchy, playing underlords & animal crossing, hanging with friends in VR, and watching a lot of youtube.

Favourite strains during lockdown: Super lemon haze, wedding cake, white widow

I'm really hoping that cannabis gets fully legalized in the UK soon, it seems highly probable given the severe economic downturn caused by covid. I saw the following post which has given me high hopes it'll happen sooner than later:

Got my eyes on the following grinders, anyone got either of them?

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Here in Portugal most people are already allowed to go outside to work, altough they are asking for people to remain cautious and the ones that can to work from home.
They also made mandatory to wear masks in shops and publics transports.
I'm working mostly from home and only when i really need i go to the office, but its been slow days and i've been watching the shows "the rookie" and "seal team". I still have some other shows to watch but i saw too many movies and shows in the last weeks that know i feel a little bit bored.
In terms of games i'm only playing splinterlands at the moment and occasionaly that is a lot of fun and addictive.
In regards to cannabis, unfortunately at the moment is hard to get :/
I do hope cannabis gets fully legalized in the UK soon :) and by fully you mean medicinal cannabis or also recreational use? :)


Recreational use, it was legalized for medical use but the NHS are useless prohibitionists.


That would be great news without doubt...and i imagine lots of people travelling there...could become even more popular than Amsterdam in a short time :)


Exactly, Amsterdam is very cramped/claustrophobic, UK would have much more open spaced coffee shops, would transform the high street for the better.


Indeed, the lovely Amsterdam I knew from more than 3 decades ago is no longer the case... nowadays, the streets are full of litters because of too much tourists. I don´t know what the city admins are doing since the city center is really jampacked with kids trying to enter coffee shops to get some stuff. Group of kids that has above 18 years old act as forerunners to buy the stuff and when done they smoke the grass on the street sides and nobody controls them.


Yeah that's really good news

Hey, glad to hear from you! We are no longer confined to a lockdown in Austria...stores and businesses have opened to the public except for restaurants ..schools will reopen again sometime middle of the month. People here take precautions and wear their gears...the mask is obligatory in supermarkets as well as public transport. We really did not have a thorough quarantine because people could still move around since the beginning of covid pandemic..

We are still busy preparing for the move to a new home which will be first week of June. I have enough strains in my stash from the last grow to last for a while.. so I do not really need to grow more this season.
I have checked the's a bit different from the last update but it is more compact this time and I like the stats page..there... all posts were listed from A til Z and if I want to check on my posts for reference is very easy now to search there.. the multi colored grinder is unique, I like it. Thanks for the update... Keep safe as UK is worse hit by this pandemic.


We pray Africans take the prevention measures seriously

Still in Lockdown here in Canada. Some non essential stores are opening again though. A Storm Trooper was taken down by Police in Alberta during May the 4th Celebrations. Lots of people coming back to Smoke this week .... Steemit, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram outreach working very well... But Be very careful on Hive though ...... it’s just a matter of time before Cannabis is legalized in UK and USA.... then everyone will come flooding on to ....

I had no clue that covid-19 would be the cause of the depression that we are coming into but I've been saying for about a year that we're in a recession that is going to go into a depression and that will cause legalization in the United States and it will then continue worldwide in most mlm places though the UK might make the first move. Stop weed legalization is not going to happen because it's the right thing to do it's going to happen because governments are going to see the $$$ and a way to make revenue.

You can't go wrong with those 3 lockdown strains:D


no doubt ;D

I still not able to post in smoke after my brother's death as I need a lot of time to can go forwards and be honest I forgot to check the last few weeks but I did it just now - thanks for the update.

Glad to read about "Cannabis legalization" - thanks for sharing this info hoping that will get legalized in the UK.
Stay safe.


No worries man, take your time

Happy for the site, will hope for new updates soon.

Well, i'm stuck with the same lockdown situation .. Day 44 now till when .. no one knows here.

Stay safe :)

Hi there! I will try to visit the sites you've mentioned as well as your site as well. As for us here, am happy that we have zero case in our locality. We have strict supervision in our borders to prevent this covid19 because we don't have the facilities so our local government imposed strict disciplinary measures such as avoiding public gatherings including churches.

I have been reading news items from The Green Fund even if I haven't done any posts nowadays.
This include the study of COVID19 patients in second hospital in Israel where MGC Pharma was autorized to conduct the study for possible cure.. I

We are still on lockdown plus fasting time. Thanks God ,we are safe though everyday, the cases are increasing..But there are many recoveries too.
Anyway, thank you for sharing your update. Keep it up, keep safe and have a wonderful day.

Here in Nigeria people are allowed to go out from dawn to 8pm.. by 8pm the security agencies endorses a curfew policy...... Our dealers have to make deliveries once or twice a week. But we've got just 4000+ cases . Cannabis has been a real pal, this period, I've been spending some quality time here too, coz school has been on lockdown

Also the government aren't doing enough sensitisation for the people, they aren't giving the citizens alms in this period.... The cost of living is really getting high due to interstate lockdown and restriction of movement to some certain places. No sport is allowed again since most sports are contact games. Well I pray we get through this soon enough. And for the less privileged it's really hard for them. Only God knows how people who lived in a hand to mouth way are coping

A major problem in Nigeria is, the Locals don't believe in the existence of the Virus. They say that the government are using it as a divert to launder and embezel public funds in the name of providing ventilators and isolation centers