Curation milestone

7 months ago

Just passed my first 100k SMOKE earned through curation, pretty decent return on time spent curating top quality smoke content over the last 3 months.

I've posted almost 1k times, gained 412 followers, earned a rep of 27 mainly through comments, it's been a lot of fun so far.

Something I'd like to know though is whether or not you want me to begin voting with greater vote weight in the future?

I've been voting with 10-20% votes for really good content, on one hand I don't want to completely dwarf others vote weights and give an unrealistic reward expectation (if i wasn't to vote on their content unexpectedly) but on the other hand I could be giving larger rewards (and getting more myself).

So, what do you think? Despite voting daily on posts and comments my remaining vote weight at the moment is 97%.

I'm really looking forwards to everyone's solo cup grow entries, and next year's smoke developments. Happy holidays everyone, take it easy 👍

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I missed this post and am just seeing it now as I clicked on your page. I appreciate all of your support, without it, I wouldn't be where I'm at today. I don't get 10-20% votes though and I thought my content was better than good lol. Only joking, I do really appreciate your support and I think it's up to you what you do with your vote weight, how much you vote on something. One way to think about it is the more you vote something, the higher it's gonna push it up in trending as well as give it higher rewards, so it helps with short term visibility.

All and all it's great to have you so active in the platform, there are some big stakeholders who aren't really using their stake to vote all the time. The more participation we have, the better it'll be for adoption because early on, word of mouth can do a lot to grow things.


I don't get 10-20% votes though and I thought my content was better than good lol.

The reason for this is that in the past you've expressed that your content is primarily mirrored content from steemit, or even old steemit content. This content is guaranteed a vote, but I'm interested in more in depth smoke dedicated content and or shout outs to the smoke network.

Your bud shots are amazing, but we don't see the rolling process or bong/vape money shots, plus sometimes they're a bit lacking in text.

I look forwards to your 2019 content, I'll try to consider upvoting with greater vote weight in the future 👍


Fair enough, and I do greatly appreciate all the support you've sent my way. I don't like to look at it as "steemit content" I prefer to look at it as my original content. I know a lot of bloggers and vloggers who post their content across multiple platforms to gain greater exposure. I started on Instagram several years ago taking sub par bud shots and have improved my game a lot. I'm really blessed to have access to such good bud, but making it look as good in a photo as it does in real life is a difficult thing to accomplish.

I'm starting to put a bit more time and focus into the reviews though. I fell into the habit of just posting a lot of weed porn on steemit because no one cared about my reviews, they just wanted the weed porn. Reviews are definitely more appreciated here.

Here’s guessing the smaller whales and orcas are definitely enjoying the wider distribution. I’ve seen some very competitive curation rewards.

And that their upsmokes still register on the radar of creators. LOL

But that’s because of your very altruistic and absolutely admirable behavior.

Happy Holidays and to an excellent 2019 and beyond.


I have added about 11k (some posting included). At least for me, the 50/50 is a better system as it doesn't feel like being punished for curating nor being forced to post to earn. I enjoy adding value to quality posts and I hope those that are powering it up for the future will continually pay it forward to their audience and incoming contributors.


It works well, in all ways. Even more so at this very early stage. And I guess, this early on, it also makes sense that the slider has such a high threshold. Looking at how the core diehard posters upvote, I do think there will be generous distribution as the platform scales.

Of course... then all rewards will have different numbers because of amount of claimants. The incentive to stake will still be very high though, despite much lower rewards.


It is admirable his work as a curator, I am thankful to share his energy, is a good example to follow, successes and that the abundance continues in every step that remains in this community of Smoke

First of all, congratulations! Thanks for continuing to be active.

whether or not you want me to begin voting with greater vote weight in the future?

I appreciate that you've been reserved in your voting.
You can basically shape the direction that the blockchain goes in the future in drastic ways based on your decisions.

I try to keep the idea that we basically have 0.1% of the cannabis community here in the front of my mind.

Basically, you could consider yourself as voting for chiefs of the tribes. Voting for the people that will usher in the next round of people. In that sense, almost every vote will have a ripple through the blockchain. I definitely think there should be a transition point where suddenly people who didn't know what crypto was a week ago are top stars because of their knowledge of cannabis. Otherwise, this might start to seem like a private club for crypto-nerds.

While early adopters can and will benefit from diving in the first months, I would vote that you continue being reserved. Having said that, we do have some incredible people here already, and I'm not trying to throw shade at anyone. Also, if you see a new member that seems 100% legit and sharing kick-ass content from their life then I wouldn't want to discourage you from putting them on par with some of the trending, or even beyond.

Do what your heart tells you to do. That is the only thing any of us can do. Give what you think things deserve. Merry Christmas and congrats on your achievement.

Congrats on your 100k reward / it is great milestone.

Thanks for amazing job you did, curating our posts and our comments.

Wish you all the best this holiday

Merry Christmas & Happy New Weed / Smoke Year

Is it your original pic ? if it is, then i have to say you are one of the most beautiful faces around. Not many girls in crypto industry, leave smoke-crypto aside. Glad to have you in here.

Happy holidays...congrats on your 100k reward.

So, what do you think? Despite voting daily on posts and comments my remaining vote weight at the moment is 97%.

I believe your vote is based on your on idea on how much u think a post is worth, if it is worth your 100%, then let it have, or if worth less, let it have it based on what u think. I believe some post can be worth more than your 20% upvote, u can do above that if you think so.

Hello @indica, I am so glad to see your post today haha. I understand not everyone has same purpose to be here, just like some will be here to curate, some to comment and some to post. In fact, some to buy and sell. Not like I really have anything serious in mind but I sometimes wish I can pay at least a liltle of your good did back to you, just to show an appreaciation. The love you show to the platform and everyone on it. At first, when I saw an account with huge SP, I was like wow! we are gone. LOL!. But here we are smoking and merrying.

Congrat! for new milestone and I wish YOU more in the future, you deserve more than the best. About the increasing your VP, I can say that depends on you, your opinion but when we think of it in another was it might seems somehow to some people. If you increase it, there will be merits for it while the former percentage you're using is not bad too. Blockchain is fun if we create the fun on it.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

That's pretty amazing I'm usually lucky to get you votes.
But retaining your vote power at 97% daily with all the voting you do that's great too.
Maybe on posts that seem to attract your eye and are off great quality you can increase the vote power, just my opinion on that and happy holidays sir @indica but you should maintain this trend as we grow.
You deserve an indica beer(cannabis infused) lol

Omg! 100k reward also means you have given out 100k plus to the authors(considering a 50/50 reward) ! That’s commendable Regarding voting weight I agree with some of others here, it would be entirely dependent on which posts you like as per the quality of the content. Also another point to note is as we grow , number of quality authors increase , so it would be ideal to spread the rewards across authors. At the end go with what your heart says 😉

Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the BG family!! May you reach 500k plus rewards and 35plus reputation by next year this time 😃

@betgames and @bgw


More like +350k:

... means you have given out 100k plus

What with all those frontrunners lol

Happy holiday @indica and congratulation on your 27rep, although i have never seen you post before except for your introductory post but still your rep has grown up to 27👏

I've been voting with 10-20% votes for really good content, on one hand I don't want to completely dwarf others vote weights and give an unrealistic reward expectation

I bet some posts are worth more than your 20% upvote. So long a post is original and fully cannabis based, i thinks you can go beyond the 20% magin that you have set, but based on how original and beneficial you think the post is to the community. It should not be based on whether or not it will dwarf others upvotes, but based on the post content and quality.

I was just thinking earlier about how awesome it is that you spread your vote all over and boost peoples spirits with your generosity! I second prefazz's comment about you doing what you think is best/voting how you feel posts are worth, do you and all the good peeps will surely support your choices. :)
Happy holidays, take care!

Mery Christmas pal and prosperous 2019 ahead.

Something I'd like to know though is whether or not you want me to begin voting with greater vote weight in the future?

I beleive you read through posts before you upvote them, therefore, you know the value of any post (although some authors may already be on your curation list which you may not neccesary read their post before upvoting them because you've gone through their posts before and you know their value). Give a post what u think is best for the post. If your are sure it is worth your 100% vote ( I don't tthink any post is worth that for now), the let it have it.

Congrats to you on achieving your milestones and I would like to thank you for the huge support you have given me and many others on I think the way you already vote and comment is awesome and is helping to grow and shape the community. I would like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy prosperous new year. Bong on bro. :-)

I say it’s up to you. Just know your curation is one of the factors growing smoke. Community is king, sharing my grow is fun, but rewards is also a driving factor. Thank you for all you do, glad your getting back what you deserve for your investment

you have had an excellent performance continues to grow and smoking

Congrats on you milestone @indica ! Thanks for all you do for this community!

follow your heart and decide - you you should know that what's good for the goose is good for the gadder. merry xmas.

Hello! Congratulations on your achievements! I like how you behave yourself on smoke! keep up the good work!
Happy holiday!

Thank you so much for your support so far, for me I think your current way of voting isn't too bad, while I'd love more rewards as an author, there's still need to ensure that the community maintains its value and posts aren't over rewarded, hence I'll advise the percentage of vote be judged based on the post quality and a little increase on the percentage given out won't be a bad choice too. Thanks once more and merry Christmas @indica

That's a fantastic achievement. I believe you acted fantastic and ethical.

You should continue like that for sure!

Merry Christmas!

I cannot stress enough how much I am grateful for your every upvote and support.
You are one of the most valuable members,to me and to all of us. Gave me so much motivation to engage.
Thanks again for everything. 200K Will be there in no time!
Keep on curating!

Congratulations on to you Sir @indica . You deserved the best for curating some good contents and maintain your coolness. Whatever you want to do for improvement and your engagement with the platform will benefits you and at the same time you help other to grow. Keep on Smoking and calm down..HAPPY HOLIDAY!

Always stoked to see you visit my posts man :)
Wishing you a fruitful, prosperous 2019 :D
Congratulations and fist bumps sent across the pond.
Smoke.i to the moon!

Hello @indica! I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year with a lot of money. I appreaciate your support in this community! Have a nice day!

Well actually you are doing great favor to the community. This is a relatively new platform and lot of young accounts which don't have much voting power, so voting for them and appreciating their work and time spent here is a big thing to do. I am very glad that it is also helping you out and working for both the sides well.

Congratulations on hitting such a huge milestone. I belive that every member that put in a lot of effort in their posts appreciates your upvote and comments as it shows them that their work is getting noticed. As you are one of the cornerstones of this blockchain I belive you can be one of the few who give people the hope that what they do here matters and is appreciated. If you should power up your vote? I don't know. That's not something, I belive that I or enyone else can tell you. It's your account and your decision. But you are and will be one of the most important members for sure and one of the people who will shape this blockchain to its utmost potential and greatness in the times to come. You have the power. Use it wisely. With great power comes great responsibility. You can shape what type of content gets noticed and what kind does not. So have a good smoke and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Congrats on this great milestone reached, 100k+ is a lot. I must commend you for your continuous commitment/support to this platform since mainnet, keep up the good work, i heart you alot❤

whether or not you want me to begin voting with greater vote weight in the future?

Am in love with your present voting scale, but i think it will be nice to adjust it a bit maybe for more curation rewards and more support for good content creators. Have a fun-filled Christmas and happy new year in advance.


Merry Christmas jessica

Thank you so much @indica for supporting us smoke-planktons. You are very generous and we are happy with what you're doing in this community by giving chance to those who are trying hard to contribute their contents here on Smoke. Please do what you think is right.

I wish you more power! May the year 2019 be very good for this community. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Congratulations, and Happy Holidays to you indica, :>
i am sure all your votes makes many people happy happy :D and give us motivation to work better and more ,
more voting weigh is more exciting , :)

Awesome man! Congratulations :) Much deserved. You really are doing an amazing job curating not just quality posts but comments as well. I thank you for dedicating your time to the platform. Makes it all the more fun to be here!

You've been managing the curation part so well, I feel you need to be the one deciding the weight of your vote! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

wow work really amazing i know you always support goof content and comment.for your support smoke user get intersted to use this build a platform very essential you.
Congrats on you milestone..
Happy Holidays

It is so awesome to see another of your post @indica
A big congrats on your milestone...

Your support for this great community and content creators and helping the community grow is so amazing...
I really appreciate all your support.

The way you have been curating quality contents and managing the voting is already cool...
Anything you feel is best for any quality author content is always appreciated and helps in the growth of the platform

Merry Xmas to you

Congrats!, stay awesome...Happy Holiday.

A very nice milestone @indica! Congrats!

I really appreciate your support, thank you! About your power %, its obvious you cant drain it unless if you decide to go "loco" every single day hehe but with time there will be more and more great content creators who will need support and you'll be able to curate more and earn more #smoke.

Its a win/win situation for sure!

Merry Christmas!

Yours Truly

All have been said by most stoners already, reward post based on what your generous heart think is best for the post..merry xmas pal👏

Congrats ☺️ merry Christmas !

wahoo good work @indica. keep it up and help others.

with regards @dhano....

nice doing ma man! just saw your post! very crazy you did it much people dreamed about...
but you have good content and great opinion!!
keep on rocking im new but im following your account! i hope to see soon new content!

Thanks for your support! And congrats on the milestone.