Continuing development of smoke indica blog - new features and optimizations

9 months ago

Continuing development of smoke indica blog

New Features

  • Most rewarded authors - Above the "Most resmoked authors" sidebar widget, there is now a widget which sorts authors by the amount of rewards their resmoked posts have earned. The Navbar 'top users' dropdown menu still uses the "most resmoked authors" content though.

Google Search Analytics

Google search impressions and clicks have increased this month 👍

Cloudflare analytics

Cloudflare analytics indicate 200 more unique users are visiting the smoke indica blog! 💹

Further, here's the last month's leader board for visits by country:


  • Enabled Brotoli compression and Rocket Loader on Cloudflare. The website should now be more responsive.
  • Improved the Google pagespeed rank for the index page significantly, there's still work to do for mobile to improve and accessibility issues to address (lack of focus & aria considerations) in next releases.


  • Working on improving accessibility, using the firefox web developer console accessibility analysis tools.
  • Removing the 'copy' button from the article previews on the index page, to speed up the site.
  • Improve the user page speed - it has quite a low score:
  • Improve the article page speed:
  • Improve the archive page speed

Got any suggestions/ideas for the website?

Got your own smoke related projects ongoing?

Have you tried the 'Tweet' buttons on It fills out the contents of the tweet for you 👍


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The stats are nice, I like it. Maybe you could do the rich list on your page, I haven't had the energy to do one in some time. I need to get up higher on that list!


I always like The Who’s who breakdown posts!


Could do but would feel like tooting my own horn lol

Would need to query a few thousand accounts via the smoke blockchain 🤔


I would like that, every member could see what is their place on the rich list. Also would be nice if we could put our username and see our voting power. I always have this one in my favorites to see that: but if there was that option on your site i would be using it instead :)


Hmm.. I'm not sure about current voting power, I could possibly display a 100% vote value.

I'll look into the rich list idea


Rich list would do just fine for me :)


Nah man, it wouldn't feel like that to me. But you could always give me bigger up votes and toot my horn harder 😝


The rich list will include those who have invested in and it might trigger disappointment for the small users who do not have the power to invest monetary wise. They might strive harder to post or they walk-away.

I like the most rewarded feature. It's definitely cool to see it broke down like that.

I have to say @indica that your site is really amazing. 😍
I really like the feature of the smoke price, first time that i can see price of SMOKE in dollars easily. 😊

Awesome.... just tried the Tweet button. I like that it adds all the #hashtags


Thanks, yeah It makes it's as easy as 2 clicks for a decent tweet, cheers :)

Definitely a great breakdown site! Keep up the good work, shows the network is still developing.

By the way, are there any Network updates or upgrades being worked on? Just seems like Smoke is on auto pilot. Not that anything’s wrong, just wondering on continued development.


The chain works. :)

Development continues but the Smoke Holdings team is small, the ICO was small, so things are being done at a low pace. They are currently working at implementing something to counter those frontrunning bots without stake but it seems that’s more complicated to implement than expected haha.

Beyond that, AppBase integration has started but with smaller userbase and not much dev dapp yet there’s no real urgency in that.

We should soon see a new, minor, feature on which will allow us to recruit a specific user demographic and bring them to Smoke. More about that when it’s ready but if you follow me on twitter you may be able to second guess what that demographic is. ;)


Cool, thanks for the update :)


Thanks, the community and its developments are certainly visibly progressing like my site.

Im not aware of the internal smoke dev progress, I believe the road map was reworked and so some things have been pushed back.

By sponsoring the site you can help it's future developments. Otherwise getting stuck into a smoke related project yourself (and everyone else) helps to build the network. 👍

The stats are amazing.

Good Job.

when will you feature some of the Africa content too? so your blog can also have traffic from the Africa cannabis community.


There's been some Nigerian content resmoked recently 👍


Great! Thank you!

The web site's looking great, interesting to see the cloudfare analytics and the rewards tally :)


Thanks mate 👍

I like the twitter button, tried it and it worked bringing the content instantly on my twitter feed. Keep it up and cheers to the new additions.

I dig it more and more with each update. It's clean and has awoke features.


Thanks, anything you think it's missing? Or what could be improved?


Honestly it could look nicer on my mobile. I look at it on both and on my laptop I like much better.

That is so amazing thank you very much. Very informative and nice to see.

Happy to see my country ( Romania ) in top2 with 32 clicks, that mean my promo of indica's website was useful. / Sad to see my score is 39, I will try to increase it the next days promoting

Overall the stats is so good, taking in consideration the short period of time. / Thanks for let us informed and continuing development / Wish you a great weekend.


The author page score is something ill improve via coding the site, don't worry 👍


Understood / Thanks.

Most rewarded is based on rewards on articles on smoke-indica? Not on post rewards as per chain.


Yeah, only my resmoked content, plus I think it may need halved given the reward split distribution

Really amazing features... The site keeps getting more awesome...

Great work @indica

Those are some nice stats considering the short period of time.

It helps the Smokers to make more good content everyday. Good job to all of you.

worth every read, new users can easily view what's going on, thanks much @indica