Business trip this week - expect curation delays

6 months ago

Hey everyone,

I'm away on a business trip to Copenhagen again this week, so expect curation delays and potentially delays to smoke-indica post updates.

Looking forwards to experiencing Copenhagen again, the weather is fantastic already.. Hopefully it sticks around haha!

What's everyone up to this week? Anything cool? Anyone else traveling the now?


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Enjoy your visit my friend 🙌

I’m on vacation! Went to the first legal dispensary here in Victoria “Cloud 9” man what a trip to get my 2 PR’s in a pack and my 1g bud in a giant container 🤯

I appreciate what you do my friend, stay safe out there ❤️

Nice, we may have a shot at higher curation rewards now then. :P

Try and drop by in Christiania if you get a chance! ^^


Been the last two times I've been here, taking this week as a tolerance break though 😂

Did you visit Planetarium Copenhagen, I believe it is the greatest place to watch movies, as the dome chamber has a special geometry, where the seating positions relative to the canvas maximizes the field of view.

In one day I will visit Copenhagen just to enjoy the dome chamber, and will be great if the movie is Stoner Comedy Movies like This is The End !


It seems to be mostly educational stuff, but looks pretty cool :)

Here in Romania, the weather is so bad ( 40 °C ). / Have a successful business trip and enjoy the good weather in Copenhagen.

Seems like you picked the right time to travel. Have a great trip, I hope you will have time for other things besides business too.


Yeah man, only working a few days got some buffer and the evenings to spend how I want. Copenhagen is pretty neat :)

Have a great time in Copenhagen. I'm going to Spain for 2 weeks holidays next month. Can't wait 😊


Thanks man, taking it easy tonight but hitting up tinder for a reason to stay hahaha 😂 sad 😵

Nothing decent on in the cinema, so will have to explore the sights.. And maybe get tinder premium to exceed the like limit 🤣


ahaha, that is the way to go :) and girls in Copenhagen are so fine! Hope you were lucky 😁

I imagine you will make some interesting publications regarding that trip and experience how the Cannabica cultural movement behaves in that part of the world, because one of the important aspects is sharing with different cultures and more if it is around Cannabis. I hope you can check my latest publication for progress.

Have a safe travel as always and enjoy your time there in Copenhagen... get some good stuff to enjoy when you visit Christiana.


Might do on the last day 😉

Have a nice trip to you. What am I doing right now, watching cartoons.

We are going to miss you. Have a wonderful time over there.

How cool. I wish I got to go to cool places for work. Enjoy the trip man.


Just gotta get a remote job that offers to fly you out ;D

Will do man, cheers :)

Have a nice business trip....🚆

Have a great trip, cheers


Cheers man :)

Enjoy your visit, have fun and chillax there.