Business trip - curation delays

last year

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay curating content on here, back in Copenhagen for a business trip so during work hours (and travel) I'll be unfortunately unavailable 😓

Worst part? Temporary dankrupcy, gotta keep it together.. haha! Alcohol intake increases.. 👺 Thought I smelt hash the first day I arrived, but it was too dark to frendily approach haha

Just ate an epic burger at a petrol station slash gourmet burger joint, place was great! Slept afterwards and missed the cinema showing for John wick 3, perhaps I'll try again in the next couple days..

The smoke-indica website is running pretty much autonomously now, so after resmoking the content should appear there within half an hour or so.

If you could do me a favour? When including images in your posts please don't just paste the image links without html/markdown image tags, it may show in smoke but it will just appear as an URL on the blog. Using IMG html tags works best with lazy loading images in the blog posts

So aye don't stop making content and don't get disheartened if it takes me a day or two to respond ✌️


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Aye. Forget about JW3, he ain’t going anywhere and you can catch up with him later.

Go to Kristiana instead.


Ooh.. that's interesting.. I think I heard about that previously, might be worth a shout 🤔

When including images in your posts please don't just paste the image links without html/markdown image tags, …

alright. Will do and mention in my next post.

Was having the same stupid substitute last week, definitely had too much beer and too little indica. Both, substance and on ;)

Enjoy everything else on your journey!

Oh fuck , no weed and drinking at Danish prices is definitely a bad problem ;-) as @unnamed suggested, if in need, Kristiana is your saviour


Just hit up Christiana, good shout to @unnamed & yourself. There were dozens of cannabis stalls openly selling weed and plenty of places to sit and smoke with people in the open, much better than Amsterdam however the tobacco was a tad over powering... The next time I'm here I'll roll my own haha

Cheers guys ✌️


Danish have a very acute sense of freedom, a Danish activist is someone that means business am glad you made it. In the summer they have great parties there


I'll for sure be returning there if/when I return to Copenhagen, it's a very cool environment to be in, never seen anything like it before


Awesome to hear you went. Btw it’s also a must for anyone who loves ‘freedom’. While Kristiana is massively organized, and has a longstanding “hierarchy” it is one of the modern archetypes of anarchy.


It was very cool, was smoking with a politician and a couple programmers, very chill relaxing and welcoming environment, definitely a must for anyone going to Copenhagen 👍


Yeah been reading up on it, not the craziest idea but getting arrested on a business trip might be a bit of a downer hahah


Taking advantage of happy hours ;D

Thanks for let us informed.
I am sure was a great burger!
Enjoy your business trip and do not miss John Wick 3...

Have a safe travel.


Watched it today, was pretty good :D

Safe travels. Dankruptcy sucks.


On the other hand, when else am I going to get a tolerance break? 😂

Negative effect of smoking Marijuana = Less Marijuana. Hope you don't go dankrupt again and good to know that the project is now starting to fly on its own.


Haha yeah true that 😂

Enjoy your time in Copenhagen and have fun 😊


Trying to ;D

Have a pleasant business trip, May God be with you and all the business will all succeed.

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Have a great time cheers

Have a pleasent time. :D

Have a nice business trip just halved your vote power😀

Enjoy your meal and keep munching before the booze, lololol!

Have a pleasant business trip... eat well 👍

Thank you so much for your support,, have a nice trip.

I missed you :) @indica


Haha ;P

You should just put me in charge if your voting while your away! lol