420 indica update lockdown edition

2 months ago

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How's it going everyone? Just a quick update about myself and what I've been up to recently :)

I've thankfully been safe under lockdown, I hope everyone else has been too - maintain your distance when out in public, social distance for the next few months at least and wash your hands :D

I've been working on smoke-indica.com recently, there was about an 8 day downtime at the beginning of March this year, the fix for this inadvertently disabled the analytics plugin which has left march and april's as 0's across the board for usage stats, not great for motivation to fix the site 😅

The fix for analytics still isn't active because there are build issues preventing deployment of the latest changes, they'll hopefully get resolved after some upcoming changes.

The content for the site has been recently updated, however since it relies on running smoked and a block extracting script it's not updating in real-time, instead multiple scripts need to be manually run then the content committed to the private github repo for deployment to production.

I plan on switching from LostGrid to reactbulma next, I'll probably end up removing the left sidebar, instead favouring a main navbar and creating a larger content scrolling area like the old version.

I need to figure out how to optimize the post sorting mechanism, currently I think it evaluates the sort for all tabs in advance of being displayed - this doesn't make sense if the user doesn't switch between these views. Maybe switching away from using tabs, to instead applying the sort on click would work 🤔

Whilst I've not been programming, I've been playing Animal Crossing and Underlords, watching youtube/netflix, doing light gardening and working on the side.

I've also taken some time out each day to keep curating content, so please do keep posting & I'll make sure to check it out 👍


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Aye following your lead I am 😉 so much goes into all of that development and information sorting it makes my head spin 😅 site as always looks good... never had the need to change views myself 😉

I am planning on using your page as my RSS feed for d00k13.com if I can get the grabber to work correctly... probably wait till done revising also as it’s graphical based though works well 💪 taking the easy way and just trying to make something functional that highlights my message!

As always brother I appreciate you, stay safe ❤️

You Rock @Indica, this site would be up in smoke without your voting power! I can't speak for others, but what you do on a daily basis means something to me and takes both time and devotion. Peace out bro, lockdown or not - your site is the bomb:D


Thanks man, still working on making it better :)


Keep up the good work and nice to see a post from you:D

Good to see you posting an update... we are not really confined at home...I go out to daily walk Lily at least get some fresh air as the roads are almost empty. Have not posting although I interact a bit here sometimes making comments and upsmoking contents. Still busy packing things around the house. We watch movies too either Amazon/Netflix.


Got any grows on the go the now?

Thanks for everything Indica... you are keeping everyone well motivated here. I am experimenting on Uptrennd, Cos.TV, Hive, Steem Publish0X, and a few other Social Content Sharing sites.... building up followers then will slowly start to add some gardening, Hemp/ CBD content .... and then some subtle Smoke.io ads


[email protected] .i share your interest in new contenders i,e uptrennd etc.....also useful for smoke.io that you're on it!


I try everything .... just in case they take off. I’m even still on Steem .... mostly posting my photography, art and memes with Appics. I think Steem will turn into a kind of Instagram where you can earn 25 cents with each post. I’m ok with 25 cents ....


Cool, good work :)

I'm liking the layout on smoke-indica, quick site too. Thanks for all the support, and for keeping smoke afloat - there's a solid core of members with lots of room to grow :)

Hope you are good where ever you are @indica ... Waiting for the lockdown to be lifted

Thanks for your support!

Keep safe everyone. Follow the procedure to avoid quick spreading.
Congratulations to your job well done.
We are here to support your growing cannabis community.

Cheers Indica!
Good day to you man :)