My Bittrex Request For Smoke

8 months ago

Hey Guys!

In lieu of Smokenetwork´s request to us users to write to Bittrex requesting for the inclusion of Smoke in their Exchange, I have submitted a simple letter to their team via my old twitter account..... Bittrex replied and hopefully the Smoke Devs are already taking actions on what docs were asked to comply to their requirements.

Thus below, the copies of the email correspondence:

Screenshot_20190926-004917_Yahoo Mail.jpg

Screenshot_20190926-004944_Yahoo Mail.jpg

Screenshot_20190926-005043_Yahoo Mail.jpg

mj icon.png

If you would like to submit a request to Bittrex, below is the link as posted by the Smokenetwork in their post.

We urge everyone in the Smoke community to contact Bittrex and show their interest in Smoke on twitter: or on their support site:

Keep puffin´ for a high!


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Great job @indaymers, I appreciate your quick action upon the request posted here. I will be doing my part and I need your assistance later after my work. This is so very interesting and we would be happy when it will be granted.
Thank you @indaymers


Yeah, submit yours @lawlai, I will surely assist you in the form, it´s very easy ....This is very important to all of us and I am sure it will help to raise the value of smoke when traded in this exchange. All of us will benefit and maybe when the pressure is huge that smoke is widely accepted in exchanges, who knows govt´entities might reconsider the move to lift the prohibition.

Such a noble action for the good of everyone in the community @indaymers. From an analyst like you and taking the initiative to start with this request is well appreciated. I adhere to this move with hope that it will soon be realized.


Thank you... well, I think we could all join forces to start this initiative so that we get the chance to be listed, it´s worth trying.

When the US federally legalizes there will be nothing in the way of cex listing. In the meantime further dex integration is good too


I was hoping that with the help VIP personalities like high-end politicians and bigtime celebrities, they could sort of make a hype or a pro cannabis movement so that it becomes popular and all States and other countries would join in.

I like this idea @indaymers, though there are more exchanges, I found Bittrex more convenient to trade with since I'm using the site for years now aside from the DEX. I'll check on that request sooner.

Good effort 👍


Thank you. Hopefully, we'll make it there. I like this Exchange!

Thank you for your help :) Being listed on bittrex will be a step forward on getting more exposure to the coin, more trading and new members 😊


Indeed, we should make a campaign so all members would send their request to Bittrex, the more the better.