Happy New Year - Smoke.io !

20 days ago

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Dear Smokers,

I hope all of you are fine and have survived the frightening 2020. I want to thank @stoner, @indica, the devs and the team behind Smoke.io as well as all the witnesses and Smoke-members for all the efforts in making this community still going strong despite the attacks incurred in the past year. Let us continue to advocate the legalization of the the cannabis both medicinal and recreational. Perhaps it will be one day, so let us hope that would happen in the very near future.

I wish all of you good health and hopefully the pandemic will be eradicated as soon as possible. More blessings may come our way and a prosperous peaceful New Year 2021.

Best wishes to Smoke.io !

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Happy New year @indaymers. May you a prosperous days ahead. God bless. Keep on Smoking!


Thanking you for coming over here abd for the comment... Stay safe out there.. Deev.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year @indaymers!


Happy New Year. @relaylogix...May your next grow be prosperous as the last one.. Can`t wait to see your strains.

Happy New Year!!!


Keep safe and a blessed New Year!

Wishing everyone here with good health and to you @indaymers may the good lord grant you with a lot of amazing grows in your garden, Happy new year🍸🍸🍸


Yep! Thank you and I really wish that it is Spring now... `cause I can not wait to grow.

There were no attacks. There was using the blockchain how it is allowed in larger numbers. Stop making false statements. This place was NEVER attacked once. Ever. It went down due to smoke dev team's server issues and it went down due to witnesses not reaching consensus at one point. To reiterate, it was NEVER attacked tho. Stop putting out false narratives.


There is a lot of potential for smoke in 2021 tho, so whether the past was shit or not, the future will be better. I was the reason for a lot of people's rage and anger and now I'm not going to be that, but rather a supporter of quality work. This cluster will no longer be used to fight back against ppl doing shit to me, it will be used to upvote and support quality creators.

Some are on board with me, some aren't. I can only hope you're one who's willing to put the positive foot forward, despite how you may feel about me in the past. If not, que sera, sera (What will be, will be.), but I am still working to be a positive force as opposed to a negative one. Happy New Year to you.