Happy 420.... A New Branch Of Cannabis Store - Vienna Just Opened In the Heart Of The City.

5 months ago


Happy 420.....Still Under Lock-down...

The lock-down restrictions have been implemented in the city, but people could still go out not only to buy food but to take a walk in the city center or everywhere. There were no police controls for as long as one abides by the social distancing. In Supermarkets, you are obliged to wear the mask (they provide the mask if you do not have one) when you go shopping for food...



Cannabis Store - Vienna

Last week, we decided to visit the city via the underground train which had been empty. We just walked around in the 1st District and lastly we went to the Heuer Markt Area before going home. As we stopped by in front of the AnkerUhr ( The Anker Clock), I happened to see the newly opened Cannabis Store. I was in their Shop in the 22nd District in the Donauzentrum Mall before the lock-down was first implemented. The shop is closed because of the virus so I had to take pictures from their window.


Smoke and Chill Area ( Also recreational strains?)

They have a Smoke and Chill area (see the above image) but I have no idea whether they also sell recreational joints or whatever.... Moreover, on the left of the Smoke and Chill area is the staircase which might lead to upstair floor... But I am not sure. I would have to investigate what it is when this dispensary opens ...




This Gelato Brownie says it is extremely strong.... that remains to be tried!


Seeing that their branches are only located in posh locations... their rent must be so horrendous, so they have to roll the costs of running the store to the prices of their end products and I know for sure they are costly based on what I experienced the last time I had been to their Mall branch.




Btw, more and more beauty products that have cannabis contents are being sold in cosmetic shops all over Vienna.... this one here is a face cleanser I saw in one of the shops we passed-by, and surely, they are not sold at regular prices. I have to research what they can do to the skin and if the price is worth it.

Keep puffin´ for a high.....burn em those weeds!

Happy 420!


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Yeah... the streets are empty here in Canada too. Went for a nice bike ride to get some munchies yesterday ... no lines at Shoppers drug store and they were selling Chocolate bars for 50 cents. I love it. With my mask and goggles on nobody could tell I was stoned. I love this,


Hahaha .. good camouflage for your eyes, good that you didn´t fall down when you biked while stoned! LOl!


Oh I fell down a few times. But I laughed the whole time.



It’s a complete irony...all the money governments invested in facial recognition systems, now we all have to cover our face by order of the government. Well there’s some more billions wasted on useless population control.


And all those cloth bags for groceries.... and all those electric cars.... total scam.

Wow! Wanna be with you roaming around. What a great opportunity of taking photographs inside the area. You did it.. I think you have no more LOCKDOWN now?


Oh yes, we still have the lock-down... but small shops have started opening yesterday,,, schools are still close until May 15 And provided there is no second wave of the virus pandemic, the restos and churches will be opened too.

The streets were also a ghost town in Maine by mid-afternoon. Very weird and creepy...


I love it.


Glad too that the city admins were not that strict, but people here locals or tourist (not many) are very disciplined and take necessary precautions.

I like that kind of lockdown but it's different here people are stubborn enough not following imposed rules and making the situation worst, lockdown were extended and they're crying for their freedom in the streets.


They really do not realize the impact of the pandemic, and if they are infected they will cry-out more.


and blame the government for their stupidity.

I dream of shops like this opening their doors in the UK.
Hopefully, one day that will happen :)