Devastated, Sad And Depressed - A Strain Called Lily Kush

4 months ago

Lily Kush.jpg

Hello !

We were saddened by the loss of our little chihuahua princess named Lily. I know some of you have dogs and you can relate to Lily´s story. She had been our bunch of joy... although we were only fostering her since 6 years, she became close to our hearts.

The discovered weed newbie I named Lily Kush...

As you might have remembered, I discovered the newbie about 4 weeks ago in a pot where Green Poison had been grown last year... I supposed this is a Green Poison variety, but I am not sure because I was growing various strains at the same time. I am anxious how big this will grow. I named this strain LILY KUSH in honor of Lily.

Lily Kush.jpeg

Lily, the chihuahua princess....

It happened on May 22nd, the day after my birthday.... Our doggie Lily, our 9 year-old chihuahua princess left us to finally meet her rainbow friends a week ago. We are so devastated the 2nd time around. The first time was when we had to put to sleep forever our 14 year-old Rottie named Ako in 2007. Lily came to us around the end of 2014, when my mom in-law left her with us when she went to a clinic for Alzheimer patients.


What happened...

I went food shopping at the Asian Store in our district in that afternoon, while my husband went to walk Lily in the pathway that is intended for dog walks. In the course of their walking, Lily broke down along the way, sacked her tummy and face on the ground and did not move. The thing was, she did not show any sign of exhaustion... she was always walking slow and stopping or sniffing around. While her face was down on the ground, my husband held her up, Lily´s eyes wide opened, she didn´t move.

My husband panicked he didn´t know what to do .. he shook her but still she didn´t move, so husband hurried up home which was just a few meters away and again and again shook her. Only then did he realize that Lily is already gone and she died on the spot along the pathway. She must have had a stroke or a heart attack or maybe the final seizure that she suffocated...IDK, all these mentioned possibilities didn´t show any sign of anything... no clue, simply nothing as she was walking normal like any other senior dog of nine years.


At times she had something like epileptic seizures because she would run and would lay on her back with legs up and shaking, I would animate her, shook her a bit and tap her chest and back and she would be fine after some seconds.

When I went to the vet a month ago to have her tooth extracted, I told the vet about her seizures, she examined her but did not find any anomaly in her breathing. We were scheduled to go back for a bigger tooth extraction (with anesthesia) this month and for some blood test to check her heart. Then, we called the vet and told her what happened to Lily and we arranged to bring her to the clinic to have her in their cool room for safekeeping. She is scheduled for cremation next Tuesday , June 2nd.

My moments with Lily shortly after she passed-away

I held her lifeless body in my arms on that afternoon when I came home. Only then that I realized the truth she was not breathing anymore and she was gone. Tears came down bucket full, the pain was simply strong and I could not breath properly because my nose was clogged caused by crying. I decided to lit a Northern Light J to ease the pain and sorrow. We put her in her bed overnight as sort of her last night and we reminisced the past when we traveled with her to Southern Spain, Germany, Hungary and Amsterdam.... she had been a cool dog. Hubby and I are both devastated, we will miss her very dearly!

Ako in Cyprus.jpg
Ako at 2 years-old, taken in Cyprus, 1996


The rolled stash...

Good to have some rolled Js ready for smoking...Here I pre -rolled some various strains.... it´s kinda slowing down life while taking the time to puff anytime, any day. We sometimes forget the pain and the sorrow. We have the plan to take a rescue dog later, an older one maybe and give him/her the chance to enjoy the remaining years.

Lily 1.jpg
Northern Light

Lily 2.jpg

Lily 3.jpg
Northern Light

puff 1.jpg

20191002_231445 - Kopie.jpg A.gif
GIF by @gremayo

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Oh my, that's what hurts most when your love one depart on the most unexpected moment. I felt the sorrow looking at Lily's photos. She seemed smiling on her last photo. It's good you have something to puff on to at least ease the pain you felt deep inside.


Thank was shock really, we did not expect this happening to us.

Be certain your hubby knows it was not his fault 💖 there is never a good time but no time is better for a dog then on a walk doing what dogs love most with their family 💖


Indeed, it's bitter to think that she was still ok in the morning with no signs of anything. Well, she was sort of like coughing or sneezing but she always did this sometimes.. Before I went food shopping I told her I'd bring her fave crispy belly in a bun which I did and she was kind of having a smile on her face...

Thanks for the lovely comment.

I feel the same when I had lost my first cat, the pain of losing one's pet is horrible.


Indeed the pain is grand. Thanks.

Im so sad for the news about Lilly your pet but happy to the latest news that lLily kush is so healthy and will give you a good harvest later on.
Condolence and dont be so sad. Lily is just around.


I know, she´s sending me telepathic messages the moringa pack falling down from the shop´s estante and at the same time my new phone broke jump from the deep pocket of my jacket at the time she was passing - away. And as I was writing something about her to my orange fell down from the kitchen table and landed 50 centimeters before my foot. The oranges were on a bowl, it is impossible to have fallen down on to the floor.... horrifying ba na?


My God baka ang animal at human the same may kaluluwa din

Have you had pollinated plants? Is it from a fallen seed?


No, I didn´t ...It must have been from a fallen seed when I harvested my weeds. I´ve had Bubble Gum, Choco Skunk, Northern Light (3 feminized clones) and Amnesia Platinum, 2x Green Poison


Super, it will be interesting to watch her)

I am so sorry about your Lily. The love we have for our fur babies knows no end. Much love sent your way.


Thank you so much my dear.

That is one of my reason why I don't have dogs aside from allergies because I saw my mom how devastated she was when her pet guardia died by accident way back when I was a kid, as if she lost her everything and I can't imagine the pain of lossing sweet Lily too. I hope your lily kush will grow like dear lily too, I feel you, smoke on!


Why you dont like having a pet? They are so friendly like my Whitey. They make me happy when Im sad. But there was a time, I asked somone how they feel when our beloved pet will die? So sad .


@lawlai I love animals if not for the health issue, I'd like to have them in my place.


I know @lawlai... but be happy that your employer allows you to have pets. You sure are a lucky lady. I wonder what will happen when you go back to the Philippines, what will happen to Whitey, I know cats can be 18 years old or more?


Many thanks my friend..


No problem, we will be missing lily on your post somewhere, keep on...


I know... just reminisce the past and the good times with her. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that @Indaymers:D


Thank you.

So sorry for you loss! What a fitting tribute to your friend. What is so cool, is you can clone it, and keep it around for ever!


Hello! Welcome back! Indeed, a good idea. Thank you @jonyoudyer.

Lil kush looks little but it's power can be felt from far away